Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day 2009

I played a live tournament last night and it was another night where I never picked up a high pocket pair. High meaning pocket 10's and above but I did get dealt pocket 9's in an interesting hand. The player to my right bumped it 4x big blind. I put him on a low pocket pair so I immediately reraised him double. Everyone else folded and when it got to him he pushed. Oh Oh. I had him covered but was really concerned that he had a higher pocket pair now but having played with him I thought a call was still a good move. I called and he flipped over AK. I made the right call but the old river gave him a K and I was pretty crippled.

It became a wait to get a semi premium hand and push and fortunately AK popped up and I pushed and doubled up. I managed to maintain for awhile but but got extremely card dead and the blinds were eating me up. I looked down at the monster hand (joke) of Q2. I figured it at least a face card but was mentally thinking I was dead. Well of course I flopped a full house with 2 callers and tripled up. Very wild and aggressive table I was at last night. Saw a lot of great hands and a lot of one outer suckouts. Anyways somehow with 41 players I managed to make the final table and finished 6th. Good for the confidence 2 final tables in 2 days.

Managed to catch a bit of the BC Poker Championships which were held at the River Rock Casino In Richmond (suburb of Vancouver) in the fall but finally made it to local TV last night. Hope they replay it as it was hard to watch and play at the sametime. It was good to see Daniel Negraneau come back to Canada and play the event. He won it.

The hockey regular season is winding down and it looks like the beloved Canucks are peaking at the right time. They won another last night in Minnesota 2-1 in overtime. Could this be their year?? Only time will tell. Sure like to see them win the cup sometime in my lifetime.

I just read and didn't realize that we have had 2 Olympics, Montreal Summer games in 1976 and Calgary Winter Games in 1988 and we as hosts have never won an Olympic gold in our home Olympics. That's mind boggling and I got to say a little embarrassing as a country. I know they have put a lot of money and time into the training for our winter athletes as they prepare for the Olympics next February here in Vancouver. The goal of course is to break that jinx. Looking at current results from all the different sports it looks good that one of our athletes will get gold. It could very lucrative (sponsorship wise) for the first athlete from our country to stand on the top podium and hear Oh Canada being played.


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