Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gambling Addiction

I just finished reading about the Calgary guy who left his 19 month old kid in the car while he was inside the local casino gambling. It just amazes me that people could put their child at risk to feed their gambling addiction. I love to play poker but I guess I don't have an addictive personality as I always know when to quit and I never feel an urge that I have to go play poker. I love playing and play when I can but I also realize that there are lot more important things in life than playing poker. I do have a friend who lost his house when he got addicted to playing the horses and literally spent thousands on it. I sure hope this guy in Calgary gets the help he needs.

Played a couple SNGs at Fulltilt yesterday afternoon and managed to win both. Just played patient and hammered the good hands.

Played a live tournament last night.It was a weird night. Best hand I got was pocket 7's and had pocket 2's twice and all 3 managed to win for me.The pocket 2's I played 2 ways . First time I limped and after the flop when it looked like nobody hit I bet big and everybody folded and in the other I bet big before the flop as the blinds had gotten bigger and also the antis had kicked in and everyone folded. The only other notable hand was when I was deal KdQh in the big blind and the UTG went all in and a lady in middle position called and so did I as I was priced in with the blind anyways. Flop came 843 all diamonds. Check, check, turn was a blank and the river brought the Ad which gave me the nut flush. I checked and unfortunately the lady checked too even though she paired the ace and showed AK. It was a huge pot for me but it could have been larger if I had made a bet on the river and got her to call. Oh well. It was enough to get me to the final table but I was the second smallest stack. Managed to hang in there until there was 5 left when with the increase of blinds I pushed with A7d. Got 1 caller. He flipped over AQ. I managed 2 diamonds on the flop but missed on the turn and river and was out 5th. Still a good night.

Looks like stock market took another big hit yesterday with the automobile giants being told that they need to restructure even more or face bankruptcy and no more bailout money. Hopefully they can cut costs and become more competitive.

Was watching an old repeat of the 2008 NBC Headsup Poker when Phil Ivey was almost eliminated by that lady online qualifier last name Kunze. She had played real well and had him on the ropes when she looked down and had pocket kings. Great hand. I am sure she thought she had it in the bag but Ivey had pocket Aces. That was the turning point as he went all in and of course she called. Nobody caught and Ivey took the pot and the lead in chips. She was eliminated shortly after. Not sure what the odds of in a heads up match of 1 player hitting Aces and the other Kings. She can be proud of the way she played though. Great match to watch. I love headsup Poker.

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