Sunday, April 12, 2009

WSOP circuit events at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

I see the 18 day 22 event WSOP circuit event started yesterday at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. These events have for the most part a great structure to them. They range in buy in amounts from 340 bucks to 5150 for the championship event. It would be nice to be down in Vegas to take in one or several of these events. They are running satellites every day from 9AM to 3PM. They have a ladies event on the second last event and a 6 handed on Day 4. They also have a heads up event with a maximum of 64 entrants and a buy in of 1050. Be interesting to see how many of the top pros take in these events. All the events are no rebuys or add ons.

Well I had a cash last night in the Juno freeroll I entered at Pokerstars. I was actually getting decent cards. I actually got dealt pocket Aces twice in 3 hands. The both held up to with some aggressive betting. The top 198 got paid. I managed to last to 144th and got a whopping 70 cents added to my account. No laughing!!! I just missed the bubble as from 145th to 198th got 60 cents. The winner actually got in the 70 dollar range so decent amount for Pokerstars to put on. I got taken out when my AJd met AK after an A and 2 diamonds flopped. I couldn't catch a Jack or diamond and I was gone. Still nice to cash though and I will probably try and play 1 or all 3 of the freerolls they offer today. Then my plan is to take my 70 cents to the micro games they offer at PS. One and two cent blinds. I have always said I would never invest my money online but I will gladly play with the prize money.

I actually watched The Changeling with Angelina Jolie last night while playing the freeroll. It was another one that I had planned on seeing at the theatres but just never got there. Decent movie and it was based on a true story. I know a lot of guys (and ladies) are hot for Angelina and in this movie she was made to look pretty plain but she showed some decent acting skills.


  1. I tried to enter the Juno freebie, but I wasn't on their list of people who could play. GL to you for the one today.


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