Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Stuff

Up here in Canada we have a few lotteries one is our 649 lottery and the other is something called Lotto Max. Well this Friday the lotto Max has reached its maximum payout so there will be extra million dollar prizes awarded. You see once Lotto Max reaches 50 million dollars then some extra numbers are drawn and those tickets are each worth 1 million. Make sense?? First of all it shows you your real chances of winning if the prize has reached 50 million. In other words not much chance. Then again someone will eventually win I guess. What I would rather see is instead of one person or possibly two splitting the 50 million why not draw have 50 people split the prize. Yep draw 50 sets of numbers and make 50 people millionaires. Don't have any smaller prizes just the big ones. It would be better for the economy too. Just imagine 50 people who could go out and buy new cars, furniture , condos or whatever. Who really needs 50 million anyways?? Just a thought. Oh yea I have my ticket.

I will be playing the VERYJOSIE tonight on Fulltilt. I have been threatened with a butt kicking by Josie if I don't show up. As much as my perverted mind might kind of like that my old body might not be able to stand the pain. So I will be there. Of course Josie has a bounty on herself of an extra 5 bucks. That's worth the price of admission alone. Any time you can take money from Josie it's an extra special treat. She really hates to part with it (I know) and she will be whining afterwords for days about it that is unless she happens to win her own tourney. Now she will be hitting the bottle tonight so the likely hood of that happening is not good.. be there for all the fun and name calling.

My Monday night live game was boring and not much to report . We had 54 people show up. I went out in 19th when I was short stacked and I jammed with Qs 10s. I got called with KK. Yikes. The flop was somewhat promising as the As 6c 4d. Turn was the Ks which gave her trips but gave me a flush draw and a gut shot royal flush draw but it was not to be as the river bricked.

Online this week I have stuck to cash games and every session has been profitable. Just a nice change from tournaments. Aces held up for me twice yesterday. Once when a guy called me all the way to the river with just a pair and a lousy kicker. I love players like that. Actually I like their money better.


Aces 22/31

Monday, May 31, 2010

Flopping Quads

So I was playing a cash game online today and not doing that well. I had just lost a fairly big pot when I flopped two pair and the villain turned a flush. Anyways who pops in the room but Gary. It's always nice to play with someone you know and Gary was picking up a few pots and playing well. I was still pretty card dead although I did steal a couple blinds. Then the hand happened. I was dealt 10 10 in the BB. Gary who was in middle position bumped it to 40 cents. Everybody folded to me. I raised to 1.35. Gary called. Flop comes 10 10 6. Geez I flop quads but I hate it that it's against Gary. Well sort of. No friends at the poker table. I check as does Gary. Turn is a King. I check. Gary bets 1.10. I call. River is a 4. I try to decide how much to bet. I bet a weak 50 cents. Gary raises to 4.40. I of course shove my remaining 4.87 in and Gary requests time and finally folds. I show my flopped quads feeling somewhat bad about it. I mean I love to win money but I would have rather won it from the guy to my left who was constantly reraising me. Gary commented in the chat box I guess I am going to hear about this and of course I had to relate the story. I know the situation will be reversed sometime.


On the weekend I was following some of the action from the WSOP. The main event still going on is the 50,000 Players Challenge which had lots of notable names. While that was interesting my interest was more on Event 3 the first of the 1000 dollar buy in events. The reason that this event captured my interest is that it has the same structure as Event 34 the event I will be playing starting on June 18th. The structure is you get 3000 chips (yep not many) and blind levels start at 25/25 and go up every hour. I wanted to see how fast people were getting felted and it was unbelievable. They split event 3 into Day 1A and 1B. Day 1A had about 2700 entries while day 1B had just over 1600 for a total of 4345. Guess how many survived?? Just 481. That is crazy. There was just over 200 from both days. So 3864 players did not make it through a Day 1. That's about a 85% attrition rate. That's got me concerned. I play much better with bigger starting stacks usually so I definitely will have to make some adjustments when I get there. Now being a seniors tourney action will probably be a lot tighter than the open events as the OLD NITS tend to play like that. If anybody has some suggestions or has played one of these events with this structure I would love to hear their advice.

I played online on the weekend several times mostly in cash games and in all but one session ended up making a profit. The only SNG that I played I managed to win so generally it was a great couple days. The one negative thing that happened was my amazing win streak with Aces finally came to an end.

If I remember right I was in EP and I raised it up about 4.5 X the BB. Got 1 caller. Flop comes J 10 8. I made a just over a pot sized bet. He insta called. I didn't like that quick call. Turn was a 2 I think. Now I was going to bet again but I just had this feeling he had hit trips so I checked. River was a 7. Now that's not a great card. I checked. He made a small bet which smelt like I was beat but I called. He had pocket 9s. The river gave him his straight. Now I might have gotten him off that hand if I had bet on the turn but then again I might just have lost more. Who knows?

Heading out tonight to play live as the regular Monday game is back running. Be nice to get some live action.


Aces 20/29

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Suckouts, Soup Nazi and Sex

Do you ever feel like you are mostly on the wrong side of suckouts. I do. They happen to me way more often than I do it to other players. It can get frustrating at times but that's poker I guess. So yesterday was a pleasant surprise. You see I sucked out twice playing cash games online. It sure felt nice for a change.

The first hand I was UTG +1 when I got dealt QQ. This was pretty tight table. A lot of folding preflop and usually a lot of hands were decided preflop. Anyways UTG raises 4 times the BB. HMMM. I just decide to call. Usually here I might pump it up more but this was a tight table (or so I thought) and there was still 7 players to act. 4 more players call. I am not liking this. Way too much action. Anyways the flop comes 3,9,10. The BB and UTG check. I make a pot size bet to see where I am at. Two folds and the button (lady) goes all in for just over my pot sized bet. I think she had like just 5 bucks. The BB and UTG both fold. Its only like a 1.40 or something for me to call. Not really liking it as she has been real tight I decide of course to call. She has 33 and has trips. Yuck. The turn brings a J and the river a very lovely K to make my straight. Very nice pot. I actually felt bad for her knowing what it feels like to get sucked out on like that.

The second time it happened was later at night and I felt great doing it. There was a player who had no idea how to play after the flop. His one move was just shoving just about every time he was in a hand after the flop. Of course most times he was picking up the pot as he had everybody covered by twice as much in cash. I hate those types. You see them in the tournaments too. They just close their beady little eyes and shove every time they are in a hand and hope that they scare people away. He was also raising just about every pot too. Anyways I was in the BB and he was on my immediate left. I got dealt AKc. He was first to act and sure enough he bumps it 3X the BB. Everybody folds to me. I triple his raise. Of course he immediately shoves his remaining $32.00 as he has been doing for the last hour. Figuring he has got nothing I call for my measly 12.00. He has KK. Damn. Then the flop brings my lovely ACE and I scoop a nice pot. It was sweet. Then of course he goes off on me in the chat box about calling with AK. It was pretty funny. I just said serves you right for constantly playing like that. Then I did the best thing to even piss him off more I left the room after the next hand...... You gotta love it.

My favourite sitcom has always been Seinfeld. I know I have seen every episode and most several times. Anyways of course everyone who has seen the show remembers the famous episode where they are in a restaurant run by as grumpy old soup maker who if you don't follow the rules declares NO SOUP FOR YOU and you don't get to eat. Well the actor that played that part was in Vancouver on the weekend for a food show (figures) and was on one of our local radio stations talking about it. He has a quite a story about how he got that part and how years later that's what people remember him for. He was a Broadway actor but now makes his living now mostly from doing things like guest appearances at shows and trade shows and still gets requests for pictures and autographs from Seinfeld fans and all for just that one appearance on the show. He even sells autographed soup ladles. The actors name is Larry Thomas.

So we went and saw Sex and the City 2 at the matinee yesterday. It was really packed in there and it was playing at two theatres in the multiplex. Its actually a fairly long movie at around 2 hours and 20 minutes. I enjoyed it. Yes I know its a chick flick but it kept my little mind entertained for all 2 hours and 20 minutes. That's all I expect from a movie. I won't go into the plot a lot here but if you watched the show and saw the first movie this one is set two years later. It's funny and light entertainment. I probably see around 20 movies a year at the theatre and yes some are so called chick flicks. I have never been a huge fan of the movies like Avatar. I haven't seen it and probably never will. Totally lost on me.


Aces 21/29

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pre Weekend Stuff

I watched some of the TOC online last night and it sure seemed like everyone was well aware of the prize packages because most hands were decided preflop. I railed Lightnings table for awhile and as I thought according to his blog he was really card dead. He didn't seem to be involved much. Tough break. Nice to see Keepflopping win one of the 2000.00 packages though. Hopefully he can turn that into bigger cash at Vegas.

Lately I have been playing mostly cash games online as I seem to be running real well at them. Last night I had pocket Aces (is this my favorite hand now??) hit trips on the flop and I had a guy (donk) betting into me on a non scary board (won a very decent pot). The very next hand I had pocket 9s which also hit trips on the flop. Much scarier board so I bet out . Got a caller and the turn brought a non scary card(so I checked) he bet and I raised and he folded. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had pocket pairs and both hit trips back to back. It has been awhile that's for sure. Aces held up for me twice yesterday and so my streak continues. Must be the talk Josie had with me. I always listen to Josie. See if you don't listen she just talks more...

The WSOP starts today. I read something on their site that said there is less than 500 people total in the whole world who have won WSOP bracelets. I was surprised at that figure. I thought there would have been more. Can you imagine winning one?? I know the prize money would be great but that bracelet is something your kids and grand kids could talk about and treasure for years. How cool is that??

The summer movie seasons starts today and the first big release is Sex and the City 2. Now I know Wolfshead will be first in line to see it. Ha Ha. Will I be going?? Okay start the abuse now. I can take it. Of course I will be going. I think I saw most episodes of the TV series so I will definitely be there sometime this weekend. Yes I know it's a chick flick but I tell you guys half the fun going is watching the audience pre show and after. The ladies will be out in full force for this movie. I don't know about you guys but that beats going to say a monster truck show and seeing a bunch of beer swilling guys salivating. I will post my thoughts afterwords. Can't wait can you?? Yea I bet.


Aces 20/28

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Idol and Mookie

I played the Mookie tonight while watching Idol on TV. I taped it so I could skim through the five zillion commercials and chit chat.

Anyways The Mookie was pretty uneventful. I never got a pocket pair over 10s but I did get a lot of middle pairs which kept me going for awhile. Lightning was at the table and took a bad one when he hit trip queens but his kicker was only a king and Ddionysus had the Ace kicker. I just basically coasted along trying to stay afloat. Josie joined our table and pulled off the 2-7 bluff and won some chips but her night ended when she pushed with KQ and pocket 8s held up.

After that I went card dead for a long time getting the usual crap of 9-2 and 6-3. Finally when I was down to just over 1000 I managed to double up twice once with KQ and the other with AJ. I was up to just over 5000 when I got dealt AJ in the BB. The button raised to 1200 with blinds at 150/300. I thought he was just trying to steal so I jammed in. Uh no he wasn't . He had AK and bingo I was out just like that. I finished a scintillating 38th. BOOOOOOOOOOO.

I have now been entered in the Blogger Battle Royale and I want to thank the people responsible. Very nice and much appreciated.

Okay so I watched the Idol finale tonight. Pretty impressive lineup although Janet Jackson sounded off key to me but then again maybe I have old ears. As for the winner I really think the wrong person won. Not that Lee wasn't great because he is but that Crystal girl mark my words will make more albums than any previous Idol contestant with the possible exception of maybe Carrie Underwood. There is already talk of her being on the Lillith Fair tour. I just loved her voice and I would pay money to go listen to her perform. She was outstanding but then again I love that kind of music. She did a song tonight with Alanis Morissette and sounded just as good if not better. As for Lee he will also do really well and is very talented but in my opinion Crystal was in a league of her own.


Aces 18/26

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GRRRRRR and Old People

I just finished playing a few dozen hands of 5/10 on Fulltilt. Not my usual game as I mostly play tournaments or SNGs but I do like variety (in poker). Well in other things too but I save them for dreamland.

Okay so I bought into this game for a whopping 8 bucks. I get dealt QQ in the BB. I have yes 4 limpers to my BB. I raise it to 95. Remember blinds are 5/10. Well that scares away 1 guy. Anyways the flop comes J 8 4. I bet $2.50. UTG goes all in for $2.05. The other two fold. The cards flip up and he has Q 10. I go what?? What is he calling on?? A gutshot. No flush draw. Nothing. Turn is a K. River is of course a 9 to give numbnuts from Germany or whatever his name is a straight. So I politely type in the chat box how could you call that. Never mind his donkey call preflop but after the flop. Know what he said. I was hoping?? Yes he was hoping. I hate to bring up the grassy knoll theory but this happens way too often online. Is there that many stupid players who hope or is it possible they have some program to forecast what is coming.. Yea Yea I know sounds ridiculous doesn't it. Just makes you wonder sometimes. Almost made me want to pull out my hair except there is none left to pull. Oh yea this guys avatar was the stupid donkey........ GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

I almost feel better typing that.

I watched the end of the NBC Headsup yesterday that was filmed a couple months back at Caesars. The one really noticeable thing about the final 4. They were all OLD. Well Annie isn't super old but shes 44 I think which is old enough. Nice to see the OLD people prevail once in awhile. You watch all these final tables lately and the average age is usually in their twenties.

I also saw in another blog that Mike Matusow has a bet that if 3 women win bracelets at this years WSOP he will run naked down the Strip. That might not be a pretty site. As there is a ladies only event I think that doesn't count in the 3. Should make for an interesting June and July. Theres lots of poker players that I would like to see run naked down the strip but none of them are male.


Aces 18/26