Sunday, April 5, 2009

Premium Hands

Last night while thinking about my live play last week I realized in the 3 tournaments I had played in not once did I get one of the top four premium hands dealt to me. By the top four I mean Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces. That's pretty amazing when you think about it. I did get tens dealt to me (and lost) and big slick a couple times but that's it. Yet I somehow managed to final table in all 3 tournaments. That got me thinking. Am I over playing the premium hands?? Most times depending on table position I bump it up 3-4 times the big blind with those hands. That's pretty standard. Yet I can't remember a week where I managed the success I had last week. Certainly something to think about.

Played the Canada freeroll last night while watching a rerun of the ER season finale which I had missed on Thursday night. ER was a bit disappointing as was what happened in the freeroll. I had done pretty well to start and built up a decent chip stack when I got deal pocket kings(that premium hand). I bumped it up 4 times the big blind and got a caller. The chip leader at our table. Flop came JdJs4d. Interesting flop and unless he was holding a Jack I thought my hand was good. Fired another big bet (the amount escapes me). He called. HMM. Was he slowplaying the third Jack??
Anyways the turn was a blank. Another bet another call. The river was a 6d. I checked and he bet a small amount. Thought he was trying to steal so I pushed all in. He insta called and had his flush. He had 7d10d. What the?? Go figure. He stays in with 7-10 after my pre flop bet. Oh well that's freerolls for you.

Watched the Canucks lose to Edmonton in Edmonton. It was a good game and with the playoffs already assured no biggie.

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