Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Poker after Dark

I caught a little bit of Poker After Dark last night before I headed out to play a live tournament. This one has Gavin Smith, Mike the Mouth, Phil Laak, Gavin Smith, Phil Hellmouth and Clonie Gowan. Now that's a lively bunch. Anyways I watched one hand and Clonie got dealt Q10 and Gavin QJ. Gavin managed to get her off the hand but it was her reaction after which was hilarious. She tried to tell Gavin that she had tossed A9. The flop had come A rag rag. It was hilarious as Clonie knew that Gavin would watch the show after and see she certainly didn't have A9. Too funny.
Now poker players aren't always telling the truth(no kidding) when they tell you what they had but for Clonie to do this knowing she had the big cameras on her was priceless. I am sure Gavin would be shaking his head later wondering her motivation.

I know if I am playing and someone folds to my hand and asks what I had I will in most cases say great lay down. Even if I had nothing. The rare exception would be if it was a total jerk at the tables and then I might try and get into his/her head by saying something different. In most cases I have a reputation of playing premium hands and I try and cultivate that. People that I play almost never see me bluff so I can get away with it when I rarely do. You gotta love Clonie for doing that on camera. Telling him something totally different that what she had.

I though Clonie looked great last night. She was wearing the school teacher glasses. Then again she always looks good. Phil Hellmouth looked so different last night without his trademark ball cap. Almost didn't recognize him.

I was totally card dead last night in my tournament except for one hand. Got big slick once. Raised it up. Got one caller Flop came 10,9,8 rainbow. The caller then bumped it up and looking at basically nothing I folded. The rest of the evening I basically got blinded away. The only other hand of note I had Q3 in the big blind. flop came Q79. Not bad . Not great. Anyways I bet got one caller. Turn was a 5. I checked and so did she . River brought a 8. I put her on Q something so I just checked . So did she. Turns out she had 10,6 and got her straight on the river. Boy did I play that bad. Got knocked out when I pushed with KJ suited in the SB and the BB called (he was priced in) with 10,2 and of course he caught his 2.

I see Vancouver now has the reputation of the gang capital of Canada. There have been 42 shootings and 20 people killed in the past few months as the battle goes on. With the Olympics coming in 10 months I don't think this is a great image for our city. I know they are spending a tremendous amount of police resources trying to clean it up and there was a huge arrest last week. Let's hope that these arrests will slow down the gun battle but I somehow doubt it.

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