Friday, April 17, 2009

Checking it down

This comes up at at least once a week at the tournaments I play in and always involves a lively discussion. That is when someone goes all in and gets called by more than one player before the flop. Lets use the scenario Player A went all in for 2000 chips got called by player B and player C. Should B and C then check the play down all the way to the river?? I have very mixed feelings on this. I can see in major tournaments when there is a money bubble but early on why would you do this. The reasoning given by many is that its a DRY POT so why not check it down. I know players have got upset when players don't check it down but its usually someone with a marginal hand who has called and is hoping with the free cards to catch. I know a couple weeks ago I got the nut flush when checking down a hand and probably should have bet but didn't. I won a hug pot but I could have probably won a few more chips if I had bet a small amount and managed to get the other lady who had also called to call me for the side pot. There are many that say you should always check down but to me that is giving free cards to players. So I am clearly on the fence with this.

I played a live tournament last night . I think there was about 60 players and I was basically card dead and when I did get something , I missed the flop and others hit. Even a few continuation bets did not help. One of those nights. I think I went out in like 35th or something. Not good but I did have a pretty good week so not unexpected.

I was playing Razz online this morning for a bit at Full Tilt and enjoyed the change of pace.

I caught that tape bit of that older English lady Susan Boyle (pictured above) singing on a British talent show. It was incredible. When she began to sing it sent chills down my spine. That doesn't happen often. Just an awesome voice. A real feel good story. I heard a rumour this morning that they are trying to get her to appear on the grand finale of American Idol. With all the doom and gloom on the news these days it sure was nice to see something positive and uplifting. I hope she does well.


  1. You should check it down if it's the best thing for your hand, it's just that simple (but I play in casinos or occ. online).

    Having said that: If it's only marginally +EV, then I would check it down in a home game, however, because you have to play with these guys every week, right?

  2. Yea thats the way I feel also Memphis. I usually do just to keep the peace in home games. When I play in casinos I do whats best for me and my hand. Thanks for the feedback Memphis. Its greatly appreciated.


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