Monday, April 6, 2009

Grumpy People (not all poker)

We are all grumpy sometimes but I take issue with people that are perpetually sour. I mean what in your life has been so bad that you can't at least smile once in awhile or say hello to a neighbour or co worker. You see these people at the poker tables too. I mean did you just lose your best friend. Like everyday. I know life can be a bitch at times but geez would it hurt you to smile once in awhile.

I know at times I have been moody or down but I still manage to acknowledge people and say hi. It doesn't take a lot of effort to do that. I really notice it when I am out running. I always greet most people I pass by saying good morning. I smile and at least look like I am enjoying myself. A lot of people just look at you like why are you saying hi to me. I have a couple neighbours (both guys) who are just miserable. One guy I have tried to say hi to several times but he won't even respond. The other makes it look like its a real effort to respond. So whatever.

I remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry (I think it was Jerry)started off saying hi to someone which eventually just became a smile, then a nod and then they didn't even do that. That's me from now on to these neighbours. If you can't be bothered to say hi. Neither can I. That's my Monday Rant........ Boy do I feel better.

Played the Canada freeroll last night while watching Slumdog Millionaire on video. I was going to see it at the theatres when it was playing but at the time there was a lot of other good movies playing (like The Wrestler and Milk) and I just never got there. Good movie. I can see why it was nominated. The actress who played the female lead was beautiful and a great story line.

As for the freeroll I managed to finish somewhere in the top 500. Yea big deal. As usual got my chips in with the best hand and got sucked out on the river. That's all you can do.

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