Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Playing Strange Hands

Played a live tournament last night and really was card dead. I mean I didn't get a pocket pair all night. I had Ace Rag a couple times but both times in a raised pot and bad position for me. It finally got to a point I was looking for a decent pocket cards to push when I looked down and had AQ. I pushed. Two callers who both had me covered. Saw the nice Q on the flop turn was a blank and the river brought an A. I managed to triple up but cards just weren't coming my way.

The blinds and now antis were killing me when I got KJ. Not a great hand but as short chipped as I was getting it was good enough. I pushed. Got one caller. He had K5. HMM Strange call. Good for me. Well it was until the flop brought 10,4,6. The turn was a 7 and you guessed it the river brought an 8. He got his straight and I was left wondering about his call the rest of the night as he had me covered.

Decided to stay around and watch the action for awhile. Another interesting hand developed. The guy I was watching picked up pocket Jacks (call him T) First guy to act went all in as he was pretty short stacked. Action came around to T who called as he had him covered by a lot. The big blind also called. Flop came QQ6. T just checked as did BB. The turn was an 3 I think. T bet 4000 and the BB called. River was an A. T checked BB went all in and T called. T turned over his Jacks and Queens on the board. BB turned over A8 for two pair Aces and Queens. They both beat the original guy in the pot. What bewildered me is how could the BB call the original all in and also call the 4000 bet on the turn with nothing. He just sucked out on his Ace on the river. Strange hands.

Went for a great run this morning. Did about 45 minutes and felt back to my old self. Great spring day and I ran on trails which I always love. It's nice to be feeling decent again. Plan on playing a live tournament again tonight.

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