Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hockey Playoffs (not all poker)

Okay so last night was game 2 of the first round of the playoffs. The Canucks at home to St Louis. My better half suggested we go catch the game at one of our local pubs. We have like 3 pubs within walking distance. She's not a big hockey fan but I think she needed a couple drinks after a bad week at work. Anyways we decide to sit at the bar as all the seats in front of the big screen were gone. Thats okay as they have a tv behind the bar that we can watch. I am now into month 4 of my alcohol free bit> its not that I had a problem but I drank too much New Years eve and I just said that's it for awhile. Anyways there is this guy sitting next to me at the bar. I think he was Australian. I made a comment to the bartender that I would like to see the Canucks play the Flames(her team) in the second round. She thought that would be good but the guy next to me said that the Canucks wouldn't even get to the second round. I laughed thinking this guy was a St Louis fan. Which would have been great. Its always fun to have someone cheering for the other team too. That wasn't the case. This guy just didn't like hockey so he decided to cut down the Canucks. He was trying to draw me in and also the guy next to him. He was getting on both our nerves. He was making comments like if he was at home hockey would put him to sleep. That's fine but you are in a bar filled with Canadian hockey fans. Really just drink your beer and watch the game or talk about something else or flirt with the cute bartenders. It would be like me going to Australia and ragging on whatever sport they play down there (Aussie Rules Football) Anyways after 2 periods of listening to him ramble we left and watched the 3rd period at home. The good guys won 3-0. It kind of wrecked our night a bit.

After the game Party Poker had coverage of the UK open on for a bit. Phil Hellmouth was doing the play by play. I didn't recognize any of the players but Phil was being Phil. Not liking the way anybody played. One really funny thing happened . One of the players caught AA and immediately went all in. Phil ragged on him for doing that saying nobody was going to call him and he wasted good cards. He should have played them slower Well he did get one caller who had A10. So what happened?? A 10 came on the flop and another on the river. Phil was stunned and I was rolling on the sofa laughing . Too funny.

I played a bit of Razz and Omaha online last night and had a really friendly couple of tables. Its nice when people are congratulating each other and talking online. It makes playing online more enjoyable. I like to talk and that's why I really prefer the live game. I love the interaction at the table and if you are playing online a lot of times nobody talks. Gets boring.

I was reading Cardgirls blog this morning as she is in Las Vegas for a few days. I just started following her a few months back and really enjoy her writing. I admire her for what she is attempting to do play for a living. It takes great courage and I wish her well. Seems she is going through a bit of a bad spell right now. Hope she plays her way out of it.

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