Thursday, April 9, 2009

Freerolls and Trail Running

I got an email from Pokerstars this morning saying they are having 3 freerolls a day for the next 4 days with prizes of 500.00 in each. That sounds really generous so I hopped on the site and the maximum entrants in each tournament looks like 10,000. Now that is a incredible amount of people to get through to win some cash but I still plan on checking out one or 2 this weekend. They haven't announced the breakdown of the prize structure so it will be interesting to see how deep it goes.

I actually only played once online yesterday and just briefly. I just needed a break and did other things. Good for the mind to give yourself a break and I know I will be playing a live tournament tonight.

Most of my running is done on trails near my home. We have a fabulous trail system and it makes running so enjoyable. I am lucky to be able to just take off and run and not worry about my safety because I am a guy. Isn't that sad?? The female half of our species doesn't have that luxury. It was brought home again with clarity with the recent murder of a lady runner from a prominent family who was murdered while running on trails last weekend. When I run the only thing I might have to worry about is the very unlikely hood of meeting a bear while females have much more to worry about with the 2 legged predators. I can't imagine not having the freedom that I have. Several years ago I was running in Kelowna on trails and came back to my car after finishing and there was 2 ladies there who had also just finished their run. I asked them if they had a good run and they both said it was awesome then one said to me how lucky I was that I could run by myself and not have to always find a partner to run with for safety reasons. Boy did that hit home.

I hope they find this predator that killed this lady but the sad fact is there are probably 10 more like him out there.

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