Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One of those nights

I played another live tournament last night. This one had I think 47 of us so a pretty good field. It was one of those nights that we all dream about (well the first half anyways). You know those nights when you get good playable cards in position AND you also hit flops. I had pocket queens very early and picked up a small pot. Two hands later I look down and pocket queens again. Hmm. Someone had preflopped raised so I just called. Flop came Q22. Could it get any better?? Not much. The pre flop raiser bumped it up . I just called. Turn was a blank and she bet again. I pushed all in. She had me covered but was drawing dead as she had KQ for 2 pair. Nice pot.

Next hand I pick up KQ and I min raised. Got 2 callers. Flop came KQ6. I am liking this but I just checked. Guy to my immediate left pushed all in (he was short stacked) and got immediately called. I also called. Then the 2 of us checked to the river. The guy that pushed had Q6 and the other guy had KQ also so we chopped that pot. Hands were just coming my way . I got moved to another table and 3rd hand in I get pocket 9's. There was a pre flop raise so I just called. Flop came J95. Trip 9's Turns out the guy who raised had pocket 8's so I won another pot.

A couple hands later I got dealt A5 in the big blind. What happens yep you guessed it Flop comes 655. I won another decent pot. At the break I was definately the chip leader and things were looking good. That is until disaster struck. We were down to about 16 and I got deat AKd in early position. I bumped it 3xBB (big mistake) and the lady next to me thought for a minute and pushed all in. Yikes and she had a decent chip stack. She is a pretty good player too. Anyways everyone else folded and it came around to me. Big decision. If I called her and lost I would lose about 3/4 of my chips> if I won I would be the chip leader by a lot. I thought she might have queens or jacks. Anyways I called and she flipped over Aces. Not what I wanted to see. The flop gave me a few more outs when it came Q106 but only one diamond. Needed a J for a straight but it was not to be. That crippled me and I ended up going out in 11th spot a few hands later. Still a decent showing but disappointing considering the cards I had earlier.

Hockey playoffs start tonight. We have never won the Stanley cup here (well except when there was a team called the Vancouver Millionaires in the olden days) but that doesn't count. If the stars align and they play like they can and Roberto Luongo plays like the goalie we all know he is they have a chance. Should be fun watching and the bars love it as they will all be packed. I see Daniel Negraneau in his blog
thinks Vancouver is his sleeper choice to go all the way. Hope your right Daniel.

I posted a pic of the soldier who was killed yesterday in Afghanistan. Her name was Karine Blais and she was only 21 (got the age wrong yesterday). Brave lady. My thoughts are with your family.

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