Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reading the Board

I was playing in a live tournament last night and I ran into something that pops up occasionally is people not reading the board correctly. I can't remember the cards exactly as this happened the second hand of the night but there was just the two of us in the pot and I had 2 pair of the highest cards on the board. He made a rather large bet on the river and I studied the board and not seeing any flush or straight possibilities I kind of figured my 2 pair were good unless he had a pocket pair and I just couldn't put him on that. I called his bet and he flipped his cards over and said he had a straight. I was stunned until I looked at his cards and realized his straight was only 4 cards. HMMM. I and a couple other players pointed this out to him and unless he was a great actor was stunned. He thought he had a straight. He was generally embarrassed and now without a lot of his chips. I mean if he was bluffing that's one thing but he really did read the board wrong. I have seen it several times were people thought they had flushes but 4 card flushes wins you a spot on the sidelines in a tournament.

Players need to take that extra few seconds when they are looking at their cards. You see it all the time when three same suit cards hit the flop . A lot of players are checking their cards. Its a great way to see who is chasing flushes after the betting. The good start did me well and I managed to stay above average for awhile until there was 10 of us left and my pocket 9s held up to K10. I ended up at the final table but was the short stack. I managed to survive and went out in 5th spot. A pretty good result considering the cards I had all night. Not great but not bad. I went out when I went in with K10 as the blinds were killing me and somebody hit trip queens. I should have pushed a hand earlier as I was dealt K8. Not a hand that I love but the flop came KK9. That would have been nice.

I have started playing a little Omaha online just for a change. I was always a 7 card stud player for years before the Holdem craze and its always great to play other games. I find there is definitely a lot more thinking involved and playing it can only help your holdem game.

I watched that Jim Carrey movie Yes man or something on Sunday night. I laughed twice I think. I mean I like Jim Carrey but the writing was horrible. Glad I didn't pay to see it in a theatre.

I just heard another soldier was killed last night in Afghanistan. I believe that's 117 now. I know compared to what the US has lost its not a lot but its 117 too many for my liking. This soldier was female and the second female to be killed. She had only been over there 2 weeks and she was 22 years old. Why are we there???


  1. I play in casinos a lot and you see the straight, oops, thing a lot more than you'd expect. In fact, I've done it too. I've heard it called an Oklahoma straight, butnot sure of the reason for that name.

    I'm with you on Iraq and Afghanistan. Ridiculous, and I'm a veteran.

  2. Thanks Memphis.I will have to remember that term Oklahoma straight. I saw a pic of the lady soldier who was killed and I was so sad. Just like for all the other 116 who died there. I am going to try and post a pic tomorrow of her on here.


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