Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Family

When I started this blog I decided to basically do it without telling anyone. Even the name of the blog is nowhere near my real name. It is my name on Fulltilt and Pokerstars though. I didn't even tell my wife and kids. I especially didn't tell any of the people I play poker against. Now its really hard keeping that kind of secret from someone you are married to but I wanted to give it at least a few weeks before I spilled the beans. I usually do all my posts at a local coffee shop where I go every morning so my wife had no idea. Anyways last night I finally told her and I think she was pretty surprised. Hopefully I can use her great command of the English language to correct my terrible grammar in the future.

My youngest son plays a lot of poker online and goes with me to tournaments sometimes too. He is only 20 but here in British Columbia, Canada the legal age is 19 so he is able to play poker and he is hoping next year to come to Las Vegas with me so he can play there when he turns 21. Its great having him so interested in poker as we discuss hands and how to play certain hands in certain spots.He is becoming a pretty good player. Hopefully we don't drive my wife too crazy with all our poker talk. I still haven't told him about the blog and probably won't for awhile.

I see they are down to 24 at the WPT World Championship at the Bellagio. Two names who were in the top 10 yesterday, Phil Ivey and Nenad Medic both hit the rail but did cash. The chip leader going into today is someone named Eugene Katchalov with Justin Young in 4th and the very colorful Scotty Nguyen in 6th. Jennifer Harmon is in 19th with 24 still in.

I didn't play too much poker yesterday just about an hour and all that I was playing Omaha high. Its a game which I am trying to improve my skills at. I think I have improved some but certainly not at a level where I would go and play live for money. When I go in a casino and play NLHE I feel fairly confident in my play and that if I play smart I can turn a profitable session (of course that doesn't always happen) but with Omaha I know I would feel like a fish and a big one at that. I don't know a lot of people that play Omaha and that hasn't helped. I am someone who reads a lot so currently I am looking for any books that I can devour that deal with Omaha strategy.


  1. I'm interested in Omaha, too. If you run across any good books, let me know. Some people can learn to play without reading a book, but that's not me.

  2. Yea me either Memphis. Haven't had a lot of luck so far. My big weakness is deciding what is a good starting hand. After the flop play is so far okay. Love the game though. Will let you now if I find anything.

  3. Jeff Hwang wrote an excellent book on pot limit omaha. (I'm not sure if you're playing limit or pot limit.)

  4. Usually pot limit. I will look for his book. Thanks


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