Monday, April 20, 2009

Table Bully

Last night I decided to play the Canada freeroll which I usually do on a Sunday Night. This Sunday I was multi tasking as the Canucks (they won) were on the tube at the same time. Anyways I was having a pretty good night winning my share of pots and playing pretty decent. I had pocket kings twice and magically both held up even when an Ace came on the flop the first time. I certainly wasn't in the top 10 in chip stacks but was sitting about average when I got moved and had the chip leader at my table. Okay so this guy (I won't name him but his handle was another card game) had an enormous stack. I had around 11,000 and was the 3rd chip stack at our table. He had 85000. Yep. So I figured wow he must be playing well. Nope. He had one method of play and that was all in on 2 out of 3 hands. The thing was as I watched the occasional call it wasn't even premium cards but he was lucking (or sucking out) out. I was just folding hand after hand realizing that there wasn't any point in even raising as he was going all in on most hands and unless I had a high pocket pair. A couple people started questioning why he was doing this including me. We didn't get a reasonable answer. Now I understand using your chip stack to bully but what he was doing (well certainly legal) was dumb poker. Anyways after a half hour of watching and getting bored I got A10c and decided to push. Of course this was the time he had AQ and I was eliminated. I guess I could have waited him out and hoped on a table move but it was becoming a waste of time. I have never understood why people play like that but it certainly seemed to be working for him as the time. I know eventually of course he is going to lose. You would think that once you get a stack like that you would play smart and build that way but obviously that wasn't how he played. I decided to check the results this morning and this guy ended up finishing 2nd so I guessed it worked for him.

They are heading into day 2 at the World Poker Championship event at the Bellagio. Big names that were eliminated yesterday were Clonie Gowan and Allen Cunningham. Other big names in the top 10 are Johnny Chan(2nd) and Shaun Deeb(4th). Incredible field of pros. I was looking at the seat assignments for today and Johnny Chan and Mike Matusow will be at the same table.

They televised the opening brackets of the NBC Headsup Championship yesterday which was filmed a few weeks back. Even though I know who won its always interesting watching the play. One of the feature matches had Annie Duke against actor Brad Garrett. He had me laughing. He was hilarious and he managed to beat Annie. She took it so well and a big thumbs up to her for being so classy.

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