Thursday, April 16, 2009

A bunch of Stuff

I am not a big fan of TV but while waiting to watch the hockey playoffs I turned on American Idol last night (I was also playing the Canada freeroll on Fulltilt). Seems this year they have something called the judges save. They used it last night to save one of the male singers. After listening to him sing I thought he was pretty good. Seems like the quality of singers has gone up. I remember a couple years ago someone named Taylor Hicks won and although he was a nice guy and entertaining he was not the quality of any of the people on the show this year. Nothing against Taylor but there are a couple on this year that have real star potential. Not great on names but that Adam kid was really good.

I did okay in the freeroll finished in 192nd or something out of 2700 but should have been much higher except an aggressive player (more aggressive than me) tried to push me off my 2 high pair on the board and then rivered his flush. Yep we all know what that feels like. I used to stare in amazement at calls people make but not anymore . Its just the online game.

I was checking the results of the tournaments they are running at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and didn't find any recognizable names so far. They seem to be getting decent turnouts though.

I was talking with a neighbours sister who was up visiting and lives in Las Vegas. She confirmed all the news that some of the hotels are really hurting. Seems the papers down there are full of the problems MGM is having. I sure they hope they manage to turn things around. I know it seems like twice a week I am getting offers from the folks at Harrahs to come down. Great rates. I have already booked one week in September and am very tempted to go before then.

Good to see the Mariners off to a great start in baseball as are the Bluejays. I managed to catch a bit of the Bluejays game while watching the Canucks win at hockey too. Great night when all my 3 teams win.

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