Friday, April 24, 2009

Olympic Ski Jumping (not all poker)

In 9 months the Winter Olympics will be here in Vancouver and the IOC with its old boys club has decided to not allow women to ski jump here in Vancouver. They have always had men ski jumping at the Olympics but their reasoning is that there aren't enough women ski jumpers of good enough caliber. What a crock. These are the same guys who wouldn't let women run the marathon or races longer than 1500 metres for years. It is so good to see that the ladies have taken this to court here in B.C and I hope they win. The IOC likes to show their muscle and really need to be put in their place.

I played a live tournament last night with 55 entrants and I swore that when I started this blog I wouldn't tell bad beat stories and so let us just say that I went out in 20th place when someone made an extremely questionable call and then got one out of the 2 cards he needed on the turn and the other on the river. Okay so that's a bad beat story. Anyways I was looking great up until that point having won a huge pot early on. I hit pocket queens and raised it 3 x BB and got 2 callers. Flop came Q XX. Love that flop. Action was on me. Normally I would check here but I decided to bet the minimum which got a look from a lady at the table who wasn't involved in the hand. I could see she was wondering about that bet. Anyways it worked as one of the original callers made a huge raise, the other caller folded and I pushed with my trip queens. I had the raiser covered by a bit and this was like the 5th hand of the night so he thought a lot and finally called. He had 2 pair and my trips held up. Too bad the rest of the night wasn't so good.

Speaking of bad beats I see Jennifer Harmon went out in 11th place in the WPT World Championship. She was all in preflop with AA and got called by Yevgeniy Timoshenko with 10h2h???. Anyways he hit 2 pair on the turn and she was out in 11th. She got just over 81,000 for 11th. They are down to 10 as of this morning and Scotty Nguyen is the chip leader.

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