Friday, April 10, 2009

My Dumb Play

I played my usual Thursday night tournament last night. Having not made a final table in my other 2 live tournaments this week I figured I was due after making final tables all last week. Anyways my very first hand I look down at pocket Aces. I honestly couldn't believe. I hadn't seen these babies in so long that I forgot what they looked like together. Anyways I bet it 3.5 x the big blind . Got one caller. Flop was Q 63. I bet and she folded. I was off to the races. I kept getting decent hands and was very slowly building up my chip stack.

I got moved to a new table and about the fifth hand in I got AhJd. Someone had already raised so I just called. I think there was 3 of us in the pot. Anyways flop came QhJh7h. Pretty good flop for me second pair and a flush draw. The original raiser bet and I just called. The other person folded. Turn brought the lovely Kh. Gee I have the nut flush. It also gave the original raiser his flush (he had the 10). So he bet and I went all in. He called right away (had me covered) and of course was upset to see my Ace. River didn't matter and I picked up a huge pot.

That gave me the chip lead and it was looking good until we got down to two tables and 5 people at each. I picked up KQc. Someone in early position raised. I called. Flop came J96 rainbow. He bet out of turn so I just checked which forced him to check too. Turn gave me the Q. He bet and I just called. Thought maybe he had hit his Q or was he betting on the J??. River brought another J. I thought I was good so I bet. He raised me. Okay here is where I should have folded. I still thought I was good or at least a chop. I called (dumb move) and he had AJ. That crippled me. Dumb me should have realized he hit his J on the flop. A few hands later I was out.
If I had folded I would have made the final table as just after I went out 2 players at the other table were eliminated.

Checked out the Pokerstars freerolls they are offering all weekend. Pretty good payouts as the one I entered paid like top 350 and first prize was 70 bucks. Not bad. Of course 350th paid like 35 cents but hey its still free money. I think I was like 500 something so just missed the cash. Might check out another this weekend sometime.

I am not much of a tv watcher (other than certain sports and of course poker) but love to go to movies. This being a 4 day weekend for a lot of people I thought I might catch a movie. Uh. Nope. Not one single thing that was worth paying to see. Whats with the crappy movies this time of year??


  1. "Checked out the Pokerstars freerolls they are offering all weekend."

    I've played in these (on UB), not so much for the money, but for practice to see how to build a big stack in free-for-all type game. Because the field is so large, you have to play differently than your usual MTT or SNG.

    GL if you play, I might join you. What's your handle? I'm Memphism0j0.

  2. Yea they are good practice and hey always the chance of free money. Thanks GL to you too. Not sure which ones I will play but I will look for you. I am dbcooper53 on both Pokerstars and Fulltilt


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