Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is online poker rigged??

As I was saying yesterday I frequently read the ALL Vegas poker site. It is a fountain of information and has some great posters with lots of knowledge of the poker world and of course Vegas Poker . I love reading the threads about how to play hands which posters submit afterwords wondering if they did the right thing.

I came upon this thread and about half way down where 2 different posters questioned whether online poker was rigged. Makes a very interesting read and opens up a whole discussion on this. Who is regulating online poker at the different sites?? We all know what happened at Ultimate Bet after the series on 60 minutes. What is stopping players from collusion?? Not much although the sites claim they monitor rooms.Yea but how much monitoring?? Why does the online game seem to have so many incredible hands and people catching at the river?? Is it because more hands are played?

A couple posters defend the online game and say that the high incidents of good hands are just that there are a way more hands being played online and of course the Royal flushes and Quads are going to appear way more often.

Here are my thoughts. If you want to invest money online do so with extreme caution and do just small amounts. I personally don't. I love the live game and only use the online game to pass time and because I love playing poker and will play anytime anywhere. I would love to see the online game regulated and run out of either the U.S. or Canada. The likely hood of that happening I think is really small. Right now players are trusting the sites that everything is run above board. I worry more about collusion with players than I do about it being rigged.

I played a live game last night. I think there was just under 40 players and it was a really unremarkable night. Early on I got dealt pocket 5's in the BB and with 2 limpers in the pot decided to just call. Flop came 6,5,4 rainbow. Young guy bet 2 BB and second limper folded. Well I liked the trip 5's I had but didn't like the board that much so min raised him. He called. Chasing his straight?? Turn brought the another lovely 6 giving me a full house. He bet and I just called hoping he caught his straight on the river. The river was Q and he checked and I bet but he folded. Decent pot. After that it was basically winning the odd pot and then I became incredibly card dead and went out in 9th. Playing again tonight so hoping for a better result.

Well the match ups in one side of hockey playoffs are set now with Detroit playing Anaheim and Chicago playing our Vancouver Canucks. Should be two great series. I like the Canuck chances against Chicago if they get great goaltending like they have been. The Anaheim/Detroit series will be tough. Most experts will be picking Detroit but Anaheim sure looked good knocking off San Jose.


  1. I don't think online poker is rigged, but I do think it's easier (for me at least) to play against people I can see and watch.

  2. Yea me too Memphis. If I am going to risk money I want to see the players.

  3. You would hope someone at least would check the sofware actually running on the servers every week at random times to make sure the cards cant be seen by a human or a software robot playing against you. this would be very easy to program.
    it also seems to me that the cards are juiced to addict people to the rush. today i played at pokerstars.com for the first time in months. 2nd hand : river str8 flush , hand 28802697321. random? when do i ever see a string of weak hands win online? never.

  4. played for the first time on pokerstars.com in months today. it always seems the hands are seriously juiced to addict people to the rush. never are there a string of weak hands winning. (there shud be!)

    Dealer: Tournament is starting, good luck
    Dealer: Game #28802677997: DanielW1981 wins pot (215)
    Dealer: sherman8 has two pair, Jacks and Nines
    Dealer: sylar13674 has a straight flush, Nine to King
    Dealer: Game #28802697321: sylar13674 wins pot (1125) with a straight flush, Nine to King
    Dealer: sherman8 finished the tournament in 250th place
    ViaLavida: vvvvnnnhhh

  5. Yep more Straight flushes and royals than I have seen in 30 years of poker playing. Of course the pros will deny this because they have a financial stake in doing so.

  6. I actually never seen a royal flush in online poker where i've played, and I've been playing for 4 years.

  7. If its not 100% rigged, then it certainly is optimized for maximum profit. Which of course, is cheating. In fact, if its even .0000001% off the odds that its supposed to produce, then its rigged.
    I KNOW its rigged, its just a matter of someone debunking the usual "you need a billion hands" nonsense to prove it. All they audit is the shuffle. They dont audit how many times AK goes against A3 and gets killed. Certainly, if my hand history was analyzed, you would see a LARGE discrepancy in the 70-30 hands I play, more like 50-50 I would imagine.
    Oh yes, online poker is questioned for validity for a reason boys and girls, not because someone lost one hand, but because there are literally THOUSANDS of players that question it.

  8. Dealt to SUCKER [Jd Jh]
    GODD100 - Raises 70 to 70
    MAINCLIENT - Calls 70
    SUCKER - Raises 310 to 310
    KINGZ_23 - Folds
    IRF_MEMBER - Folds
    SMITH80 - Folds
    SMUGBUG5 - Folds
    GODD100 - All-In(Raise) 960 to 1,030
    MAINCLIENT - Folds
    SUCKER - Calls 720
    *** FLOP *** [8s 4c 4s]
    *** TURN *** [8s 4c 4s] [2d]
    *** RIVER *** [8s 4c 4s 2d] [Kh]
    *** SHOW DOWN ***
    GODD100 - Shows [4h Ad] (Three of a kind, fours)
    SUCKER - Shows [Jd Jh] (Two Pair, jacks and fours)
    GODD100 Collects 2,160 from main pot

    This was my first played hand at UB in MONTHS. Seconds before this hand was dealt, I told the table UB is rigged, what a coincidence, right?

    GODD100 wins (720) with (Four of a kind, threes).
    SUCKER: hmmmm
    SUCKER: random?
    GODD100: lol
    SUCKER: I think not
    GODD100: what do expect from of bunch of indiains
    SUCKER: dont matter if there are seven sitouts the hands are still
    SUCKER: huge
    SUCKER: yeah
    SUCKER: nothing but thievery
    << Result for Hand 17403 >>
    Blinds have been raised to 10/20
    MAINCLIENT: pairs
    SUCKER: pairs of whats
    SUCKER: wow rigged -- right here my JJ was pushed by A4 and he flopped three fours, after a raise and a reraise. Just a tad too "lucky" for me I guess.
    << Result for Hand 174381 >>
    GODD100 wins (2,160) with (Three of a kind, fours).

    100% rigged.

  9. I believe it to be rigged. Explain how so many time when a player has practically the nuts, they get outdrawn on the river. Can you tell me this? I lost 10 hands in a row like this. If it is not rigged, then what is going on here?

  10. Of course it's rigged, thats why i quit playing. Use common sense people. They rely on degenerates to keep comng back.

  11. Rigged? You tell me. I chart the number of hands I play-typical stuff. I have played about 850 hands, and have had 4 beats with pair vs pair before the flop, and 5 beats with pocket pair vs one high card. Way, way too much. And this is on the vaunted PokerStars site. I play patient, almost tight, and just get run down way too much, and it's just coincidental i suppose, that it is always to a bigger stack than mine.

  12. No doubt about it! Online Poker sites are rigged and the proof as you said is in the thousands of players that have remarkable and constant bad beats.

    The bottom line is that pokersites are changing the game by adding in algorithmic code that prevents cheating, collusion and poker bot play.
    However these codes change the statistical odds of the game as opposed to live play. (Online, your AA is NOT 91% against 22 on the river)!

    The argument that you see more hands online than live is ridiculous, that in and of itself does not change the statistical odds! In a typical online game you may see about 50 hands per hour while in a live game you will see about 35 hands per hour, explain how 15 hands extra per hour is going to justify the enormous number of full houses beating straights or flushes beating trips?

    For the real scheme going on behind the software, I suggest reading The Online Poker Code Crack by Paul Westin. (google it!) He reveals the algorithms used by online poker sites and shows you how to beat them at their own crooked game.

  13. Morpheus: Do you believe that my being stronger or faster has anything to do with my muscles in this place? Do you think that's air you're breathing now?

    Think of online poker as a Matrix. It is manipulated!

  14. The other day, I was having a glorious time on FullTilt. Every hand I got dealt was AA, AK, AQ, AJ, AT, KQ Suited etc and I won like 60,000 chips. The next day I log on and get dealt 27, J3, 39, and other rubbish EVERY SINGLE HAND and I lost it all within a day. It is, without a doubt, rigged.

    Here's another example:
    I get dealt 34. Sigh... call to stay in.
    Flop is 442, river & turn are useless junk.
    All in on my trips.
    Showdown, get beaten by 44422 full house.

  15. The problem is there is nobody checking the checkers of the software. I feel it's definitely rigged. Save your money for live play!

  16. Finally decided enough is enough. After many 2-5% on the river to crush me in huge pots. NO more for this kid. Started playing on FTP Feb. 2009. first couple months grindin out a small bank roll. Through patients and discpline. Started to notice alot of new players had this same run of luck early on. To the point I could predict it without seeing this persons stats. Low and behold ohh u started last month no wonder you run so good. Once the honeymoon was over Well Fk nothing was save AA full beat by Quads etc.... Tell me how alot really solid pros have negatitve ratings in these online sites. Yaa Im OPR, PTR ratings junky. I dont care what they say Im not a bad player and have the results to prove it. Well at least live. Gl PS anybody wanna buy a Laptop only dropped once

  17. My experiences on Full Tilt and PokerStars revealed mind boggling suckouts beyond any statistical variance.

    After initial deposit I did well on both sites. Then the crazy suckouts kicked in. They redistributed my winnings to players with horrendous stats, playing hands only a clueless idiot would play.

    I haven't had any problems on Doyle's Room but I haven't played enough hands there yet to give my opinion.

  18. I play on Pstars, and I agree with everything. When I first started playing everything seemed legit no TERRIBLE beats, every few hands I got was nice Like AA, KK, JJ AK and suited hands. I win big on the site and after that oh my gawd.

    Everytime I play i get on a role and if I am chip leader all the sudden it moves some "person"
    that has a good 15 to 20K more chips than me. Just the presence makes me feel like its a bot or something that knows way 2 much. Ill get AK or AA and put double BB on table and everytime folds but ill get like KK and out will come some rediculous flop like K 7 3... and the person has called my BB raise. I bet on flop and the "person" calls my bet. obv a strong bet with that hand next card was Q, by now ive got most my chips in the pot 2 end it, and douce bag calls with 10,J and guess what comes on the RIVER!!!!!!!!!!!! the ACE.

    Or i get a,k suited out comes flop a,7,2 something random. I bet, call
    next card who gives a fuck basically the beats ive had "all the sudden happen" are rediculous loosing to a pair of 2's on A,K preflop because some person calls with "7,2 off suite" is BULLSHIT. or i go 10 hands in a row of not playing a hand then all the sudden JJ or AK something worth playing and guess what. the "person" has the SAME hand and its a split POT. ive played a lot of in person poker and very rarely do i see the same exact hand. obv AK is more common but I have only been playing online for alittle over 2 months and the shit beats and the split pots have been more than I have seen in years of playing live face 2 face poker.

    maybe its just because idiots play online, it just seems 2 always river the idiot whenn I got a great hand and I am in a tournament and I get close 2 where i start 2 win money and the bad beats beggin.EVERYTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. U guys are idiots that don't know math or how to play poker correctly.

  20. Kingme620 you don't know these people so why are you calling them idiots. If you really like to play the online game carry on. Just don't cry when your money is gone. Better yet take it to a casino and play there.


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