Sunday, April 19, 2009

Taking Responsibility

Here in Canada most of the casinos are controlled by a lottery corporation. The same folks that run our 649 lottery etc. The casinos themselves are run by different corporations but ultimately they report and pay some profits to the Lottery Corporation. That's the way it is here in B.C. and it is the same in Ontario. Well it seems that a guy in Ontario couldn't control his gambling so he signed one of these no entrance passes which means that he is not allowed to go into casinos. Your picture is taken and if you are recognized you are immediately asked to leave. Well to me it sounds like an almost impossible thing to control. Unless you ask each and every person coming into the casino for photo ID. So evidently this guy continued to go into different casinos for the next 3 years only getting the boot once. Now he has decided to sue the Lottery Corporation because they allowed him to continue gambling. HMMM. In my opinion does he not have to take some responsibility for his gambling. I realize that gambling to some is an addiction but wouldn't this be like an alcoholic suing a liquor store because they sold him booze. It sure will be interesting to see how this plays out in Ontario as whatever the court decides will reflect on casinos across the country. Will they need to ask everyone for ID?? Get facial recognition software for their cameras?? Its really opening a can of worms.

I see the WPT World Championship event has started yesterday at the Belaggio in Las Vegas. It is a week long event with a 25,000 dollar buy in. Yesterday was day 1A and today day 1B. They have split the event in half and will join both halves tomorrow. Most of the big names are there. Johnny Chan is sitting in second place after day 1A with a lot of big names behind him. Looking through the list I saw Jennifer Harmon (pictured above),Vanessa Rousso,Andy Bloch to name a few. The biggest name to drop on day 1A was Phil Hellmouth. Most of the big names are playing. Should be an interesting week.

Went and saw that movie 17 Again last night.... Mathew Perry and Zak Efron are in it. What can I say but if you are going to want to see at least wait for video. I actually did laugh a couple times but it was pretty predictable. Not terrible but certainly not worth spending theatre prices for it.

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