Thursday, April 30, 2009

Super System

I got Super System 2 yesterday from the library. It has been over a year since reading the book and it was good to just refresh my memory on some strategies. Also when I had originally read the book I really didn't read the excellent section on Omaha 8 and actually had forgotten that it was in there until Memphis pointed it out to me. I probably should just buy it but we have such a great library here that it doesn't seem like a problem getting it. I am the type that needs to read things a few times (old age) to digest the concepts. This is still an excellent book and certainly one of my favourites.

A few weeks ago I won a whopping 70 cents playing a freeroll at Pokerstars. Yep that's life changing money. Anyways a few days after I played in their limit micro games and built it to a unbelievable 77 cents. Then I kind of forgot about it until yesterday. With no plans on playing a live game yesterday I thought why not risk a whole 40 cents of it playing limit again. I have to admit I haven't played much limit in my life. Anyways after a bit of a shaky start and going down to 23 cents (stop laughing), I caught pocket aces and won a decent pot against a guy who overplayed his pocket 10s. From then on I managed to build it up so that my bankroll is now I think $1.87. Too funny. So my plan for the next while is once a week take 40 cents of it, play until either one of 3 things happen.
I lose it
I get over $1.00 or
45 minutes passes
As I have said many times I won't invest money online but I certainly don't have a problem playing with Pokerstars money.

The hotels and resorts in Mexico must be hurting big time as our news has been full of people cancelling trips and weddings because of the swine flu outbreak. I know personally of one couple who had planned their wedding there and have now cancelled and they were interviewing people and most have changed to Hawaii or places like Phoenix. It will take months maybe years for people to regain their confidence to travel there.

The second round of the playoffs start tonight here in Vancouver. The bars will be packed province wide. Lets hope they get off to a good start. I am playing poker tonight so I will try and catch some of the action in between hands.


  1. I guess I'm like you. I read something and think I understand it. Then, if I read it again say a month later, I see things I missed the first time (or have forgotten).

  2. I find I have to read some things a few times to fully comprehend it.


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