Saturday, April 11, 2009

Still Slugging at the Freerolls

Well I played a freeroll at Pokerstars this morning again. I am not sure how they have set these up but was talking to a friend and it seems only certain accounts were invited. Not sure why mine was and a buddies wasn't. We are both Canadian, neither have invested cash at Pokerstars so go figure but I am not complaining. Anyways I was pretty card dead. I managed to trip up jacks while holding J10 and took a decent pot but from the on it was like blank. Getting the old 9,2 and 3,8 type pocket cards. Just garbage.

I am a real patient guy so finally we are down to about 460 players and 340 cash so it was getting close. I have AK in the big blind. Just me and one player who bumped it up before the flop. Just a min raise. So I called of course. Flop comes A 93 rainbow. So I figured time to push. He called and had pocket 5's. Not sure why he called with 2 over cards on the board but I love it. The turn brings a K
Looking good. Then of course he catches his 5 on the river and I am done. Yep that's all over. Hopefully I can catch one more of these this weekend.


  1. What are the names of the FR? I see Hubble's and Intellipoker

  2. They are the Juno freerolls. They are under the tournament tab and then the private tab. I got an email on it. There is 12 of them over 4 days with tomorrow being the last day with 3. The times are 1335,1835 and 2135 all EST.


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