Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Playing tired

I went and played a live tournament last night even though I was tired from the night before. We only had 33 players which normally would be a great thing if I wasn't so tired (good excuse for my dumb play). I knew everybody at my table except for one older guy who by the way he was acting seemed like he hadn't played much. Anyways a few hands in I got dealt KQ suited in the dealer position and with 3 limpers (including old guy) in front of me I decided to bump it up 3 times the big blind. That got rid of everybody except old guy. He just called. Flop missed me completely with J,8,5. Old guy checked and I fired off another 3xBB bet. He called. Hmm. Turn was A. He checked and so did I as had no idea what he had. River was a blank and he bet and I folded. Played that really bad.

A few hands later I look down and there is KQh. This time there was 4 limpers ahead of me so I just decided to limp in and see what the flop did for my hand. Flop came Kc5h4h. It got checked around to me and I thought long and hard and decided to push with top pair and a 4 card flush draw. Everyone folded except (yea you guessed it) old guy who called my all in with K4. I was a little surprised (no really surprised)that he had limped in out of position with K4 as its a hand I can't see myself playing. Anyways the turn and river didn't help and I was out. I stayed around and the old guy was the chip leader when I left with only 3 left at the final table. I guess my read was wrong as he seemed to be doing great.

I see the inquiry is still going on into that Polish guy who got tasered at the Vancouver airport and died. It was a very tragic event. For some bizarre reason this guy who spoke no English flew from Poland To Vancouver to meet his mom and for some crazy reason got lost in immigration. Anyways I guess he got a little agitated and the police were called and he was tasered when they felt threatened. He died. It was very tragic but the way it was handled by the airport and the police (in my humble opinion)was very flawed. I cant understand why an interpretor wasn't called and why they tasered him when there was 4 RCMP officers and one small guy. I am a big supporter of the police but in this case I thing some errors in judgement led to the use of the taser. I really hope both the airport and the RCMP learn from this and I think they will but its really to bad it took this tragic event to make changes in the way tasers are used. I feel sorry for his mom who by the way was told her son wasn't in immigration when she asked about him.

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