Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poker weekend

I will be in Vancouver on the weekend so I thought I would check out the new casino in Burnaby called the Grand Villa Casino. I figured with being a new casino that they would have a modern poker room. So in checking out itheir website I was a little surprised to find that there is no poker room. The reasons they give that with all the other casinos in the Vancouver area that poker is well served and they don't need one. That would be like the Belaggio in Vegas saying just because the Venetian and the Wynn have poker rooms there is no reason to have one. It makes you wonder what goes through the minds of people who designed this casino. If you have a better poker room more people will come. When I play I usually come with people that not all like poker, some play the slots, some play the table games. Knowing that there is no poker room I won't even go there so they lost my business and any business from people who are with me. Hopefully somewhere down the road this will change. Meanwhile in looking for an early bird tournament I will be hitting the casino on the Old Expo site called Edgewater. Its time I checked it out as usually I am only at the River Rock. Hopefully it will be a fun weekend as I have to fit poker in with visiting friends and family.

Played online today at Full Tilt. Played five, 6 person SNG and placed 2nd 4 times and first once. I seem to do well in these as they are fast and you do not get the all in donkeys that you do in other tournaments. A little bit better class of player.

Looking forward to the ferry ride over. The scenery is just incredible.