Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Olympics and Casinos

As I had stated earlier we have the winter Olympics coming here in 2010. I am a big fan of sports of all kinds but not as much Olympic fan as I used to be. I still love the athletes (the ones that are clean) but I think some of the Olympic family needs to rethink things. We have a casino that is located close to one of the Olympic sites and they have been told (according to various media outlets) that during the Olympics they will have to close for 4 weeks minimum. The rational behind this is that they are on the same grounds as one of the Olympic venues. The casino is actually located at the race track which is near the Pacific Coliseum where some events will take place. Now these employees will not have a paycheck for a month unless someone or something intervenes. Hopefully saner heads prevail.

Speaking of casinos I see some of our local ones aren't running as many tournaments as in past. Not sure the rational behind this but I checked the River Rock casino site and they said it was due to construction so I hope that's the case. They no longer have the early bird at 10 AM but are running a noon tournament instead. They also were stating that the poker room wasn't opening until noon most days. Hopefully again this is just a temporary thing.

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