Saturday, March 28, 2009

Freeroll and sickness

Okay what is with this cold. I just got over one like 3 weeks ago. I eat really well sleep well, don't drink or smoke and I exercise. Yesterday as I was out shopping I got this really dry throat. No biggie. Figured just needed some water. Yea right. Next thing I know I have a sore throat and I ache all over. Geez. gRRRRRRRRRRR.

With feeling like crap I figured I would register for the Canada freeroll tonite at Fulltilt. Well it wouldn't let me again. What is with that? Anyways I email Fulltilt and they did the register thing for me and had me try so technical crap to my laptop. Hopefully it works next time.

Anyways the freeroll went great to a point. I got quad kings at one point and tripled up. Only other memorable hand was my big blind special when I got 4,6 flop came 3,5, J . Got checked around. Turn was the 2 . I checked and player to my left bet like 6000. Everyone folded and I just called. River was a 10. I checked and he went all in. He had me covered by a bit and I called. He had J5. My well disguised straight gave me hope to finish in the money.

With 40 left out of 2700. I got dealt AKh. 2 limpers before me so I bumped it up 3 x big blind. Got one caller. Flop was A,7,3 I checked . Player to my left went all in and had me covered. I thought he might have 2 pair but with 7, 3 on the board I doubted it. I called. He had A, 10. Great for me until the river and he hit his 10. Went out in 40'th. Good finish and as I have said before you need to get lucky or in this case not unlucky.

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