Monday, March 23, 2009


I got to say I was fairly impressed with the rapid response of the Fulltilt poker staff when I emailed them about a problem I am having registering for the Canada freerolls on their site. I can register for any other freerolls but the country specific ones always gives me the error that I have to contact the fulltilt staff. I am not saying the response was correct but I will certainly try their suggestion. It doesn't make sense that you can register for other freerolls but the ones that are country specific you can't. They have given me few things to follow and if that doesn't work they need my IP address. We will see if that works.

Speaking of those freerolls I played a couple yesterday with less than glamorous results. I think in the one that was awarding tournament dollars I finished in the 200's out of 2700. Okay but no cigar. Made one really dumb play when my son who also plays was watching over my shoulder and said to call this guy who had gone all in. I had KJd. He had A8 and he paired the A on the flop. Even though I had him covered that basically crippled me. Normally I don't call all ins unless I am really sure I am the favourite going in.

I used to play on Pokerstars a lot but haven't for a long time. I think I will go back and play some on there in the next few weeks just for a change. Its always nice to change things around and play on different sites. I really do like the setup of Fulltilt though.

The home poker league starts tonite. Its great to sharpen the game and you can play 5 nights a week. I sure have found the competition great and found it really helped when I played in Vegas and on trips to the casinos here.

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