Monday, March 16, 2009

What recesssion?

I keep hearing the horror stories on the news about job losses and house foreclosures but here in B. C. it seems to not be much of a factor. Whether its because of the Olympics coming here in 11 months and all the construction but in Vancouver you would never know things were on a downturn. The hotel I stayed at on the weekend was full. The River Rock casino was jammed on Saturday night. Busiest I have ever seen it. Poker room which is a great size had every table going. The tournament with its 270 buy in that ran on Saturday noon looked full. Payout to the winner was 13000.00. Paid top 15. So people have money. The band that played in the casino lounge which was a pretty good Neil Diamond tribute band had an over flow crowd up there dancing up a storm. I keep waiting for signs of it here but other than the fact there aren't help wanted signs in every store window which was the norm 6 months ago things appear normal here.

Tons of tourists in Vancouver on the weekend spending money. There was a big event at the new speed skating oval in Richmond. Talked to people from Germany, Norway and the Netherlands who loved Vancouver and loved the new oval. They all said they were coming back for the Olympics as they had such a great time watching this pre Olympic event. I haven't seen the inside of the new oval but talking to people who have they were very impressed. Only negative comment was on the temporary seating which supposedly going to be fixed prior to the Olympics.

The new rapid transit lines appears nearer to completion as its going to run from Richmond to downtown Vancouver. It will be a great way to get to some downtown sites fast.

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