Monday, March 9, 2009

Snow in March

It's snowing like crazy here. Whats up with that? We never get snow and here its March and its coming down like crazy. Better not last

Well I see Huck Seed won the the heads up tournament that NBC is going to televise. He beat Vanessa Rousso 2-0 is a best 2 out of 3. Should make for decent ratings as both players are well known.

Was watching some of team poker championships that was on the Score last night. 8 countries represented but it seemed like a shove fest after awhile. Maybe it was just the tv coverage but a lot of all in plays. I like the idea of a team tournament just like to see a better structure but its good to see a couple pros playing in the event like Greg Raymer and Daniel Negraneau.

Well another soldier killed yesterday. That's 112. Most by roadside bombs. I totally support our troops but I don't support the mission. Why can't we use better vehicles or helicopters to transport troops?
Played 2 online quick tournaments and bombed in both when in the first my 2 pair ace king got river by a flush and the other my kings cracked. Oh well. Now you know why I only play for money in casinos and not online.

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