Friday, March 27, 2009

A bunch of stuff (not all poker)

With the Olympics coming here the city of Vancouver is under a lot of scrutiny and now it appears they have plans to remove the homeless from the so called secure areas around the Olympic sites. Vancouver like most major cities has a lot of homeless people. According to news reports they plan to move the homeless to shelters at least until the games are over. I can see some interesting confrontations arising as some of the homeless have pets (not sure why) and the shelters don't allow dogs. I know I certainly don't have the answer to solving the homeless problem. I wish I did.

Speaking of the Olympics one thing that has always bugged me is the sports that are judged like figure skating. It is always so subjective and generally really biased. Well I admire the skill of the skaters the whole judging thing is a joke. Reputation means more than anything else especially for the ice dancers. Give me sports where the fastest skier, fastest runner or the best team wins. It would be like in poker someone judging how you played those pocket queens. Hey you played them wrong that costs you 500 chips. Yea right.

Played a live tournament last night and generally stunk. I think I finished 24th out of 40. Got bluffed off a huge pot when I made (the right decision percentage wise) to fold my pocket 5's to a scary board but knowing who was also in the hand and the cards he plays I probably should have called . Then in my last hand my trip 2's got got beat by trip 4's. Just wasn't my night and I really didn't play well.

I see in Vegas the MGM/Mirage bunch who are building the massive City Center project are in deep financial problems. I think there have been massive overruns on City Center. Should be interesting to see how it all plays out. I also read yesterday that Cirque DE Soleil is planning a new show with an Elvis theme which is scheduled to open sometime in December at one of the places at the new City Center (if its finished). Well I have to admit I have never seen a Cirque show but being a long time Elvis fan I might just check it out. I kind of wish it was September that it opened as that's when I will be there next.

I sure have been getting the offers from Harrahs lately for cheap rooms. I never get comped rooms because I don't play slots or table games just poker. Makes me wonder how Vegas is really doing during this current recession. One thing that has increased my cost is the current Canadian dollar. When I went to Vegas last August our Canadian dollar was at par with the American . Now its around the 81 cent mark. Be nice to see it go up some.

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