Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Racing to a top 8

Played last night in my home league. We had 35 players which was low turnout . We usually run anywhere from 40-55 but it was the first night back after a 3 week hiatus. First hand got 22 and with 3 limpers before me in the dealer position I raised it 3 times big blind. Thought I would play a little aggressively when I might usually limp with this hand. Got 3 callers. Oh Oh. Flop came AJ8. Someone bet and got called and I folded. Yikes could be a long night. From then on not a lot of memorable hands but I managed to get pocket 9's and pocket 6's that both held up against the same players AK and A10 and I doubled up a couple times.It was a weird night last night. I never played any cards to the river all night unless I was calling someones all ins. Not my usual style of play but just didn't get a lot of playable cards and when I did someone was always pushing. Fortunately I always was the favourite going in and my pocket pairs held up. Anyways made it to the final table which was good way to start the season.

Played a bit on Pokerstars yesterday after down loading their system to my new laptop. Its been awhile (probably over a year) since I played there. Took a few hands to get used to their system but Played a SNG which I bombed in and then played a heads up match which I won. I do like those heads up matches and I never played that at fulltilt. I plan on playing a few of their freerolls when time permits and see if I can manage to cash. I played a 4 player SNG this morning and had a really interesting hand when we were down to 2 players. I had J4d and the flop came 10,7,8d. I checked and as I had a flush but wanted to see what I could get out of him. He bet and I just called. The turn was 6d. Not really what I wanted to see so but I bet about half my stack. He raised me all in. I thought for awhile and probably should have folded but I called. He of course had the Kd but lo and behold the river gave us the 9d which put a straight flush on the board but it also gave me a straight flush to the Jack. Since I had him covered that was the match. Talk about a strange hand.

Watched that horrible video from the Fox network yesterday where some so called comedians poked fun at our Canadian military. They obviously thought they were funny but when we have lost 116 Canadian soldiers I along with most Canadians was not amused. We are scheduled to pull out in 2011 and non too soon for my liking. Anyways that video has been picked up by all the network stations and is getting a lot of play in Canada. Anyways there has been so much backlash to the video that the one comedian was supposed to appear in Calgary for a show and it has now been cancelled as their was threats to his safety. They have evidently now apologized and hopefully have learned a lesson.

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