Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend in Vancouver

Well its nice to be back from Vancouver. What a busy weekend. Managed to get on one of the new ferries that we have here and was suitably impressed . Nice big windows in the dining area and just seemed like a nice ride over.

Saturday morning went down to the Edgewater casino in downtown Vancouver to play their 10 AM early bird tournament and lo and behold I had read the schedule wrong as 2 Saturdays a month they have a noon tournament instead. Decided to not wait around but did check out the casino annd poker room and was impressed of course with the location. Right on the old Expo site and right on False Creek. Incredibly scenic views from the lounge. Fairly busy at 9 AM in the poker room with 3 tables running.

Did some family stuff like going to Granville Island Market which is always a visual and culinary treat.Made plans to go to the River Rock Casino at night. Arrived about 730 PM. Poker room was jammed. Waiting list of 18 for 1-2 and another 25 for 2-4. Signed up for 1-2 and headed downstairs with friends. Played the slots(which I hate) for a bit and then wandered upstairs to see where I was on the list. My name wasn't there as the girl said they had opened up 2 tables and had called my name but you can't hear it downstairs. She said that in the future let them know and they will give me a pager. Lesson learned and the lady was nice enough to put me at the top of the list. Got seated 5 minutes later. Bought in for 125.00 in a 40 min and 200 max.
Table was very tight but thats okay as I play tight usually depending on who and what I am playing. Got pocket snowmen twice in one orbit and my preflop raise of 15 scared the limpers both times and the just after the pocket 8's I got pocket 7's and the same preraise got the same result.
No remarkeable hands for a few orbits but I did get ace queen suited, raised 10, got 2 callers, flop J83 rainbow, I put in another 10 and got one to fold.Turn was a 6. I bet 40 and the caller went into the tank for like 5 minutes and then folded.
A few hands later I was in the big blind got 84 off suit. 2 limpers plus me and the flop comes A25, I checked and it got checked around, turn was a magic 3 and I thought a bit and decided to slowplay my straight and hope somebody bet. No such luck and the river turned a 4. Worst card I could imagine I checked of course as the straight was on the board and villain 1 went all in for 80 dollars. He got called by villain 2 and of couse I folded as I figured one at least had a 6. Well it turns out one had pocket sixes and the other had 67 suited for the nut straight. Glad I got out.

I had told my family I was going to play until 1030 and then spend time with them. So the blinds were coming around so on my last hand I was UTG and I look down pocket kings. I raise to 15. Get 2 callers and the flop comes 444. Interesting flop. First to act as the blinds had folded and it was just me and 2 guys both in middle position. I pushed for 120.00. First guy insta calls me which worried me a bit. Second guy thinks and finally folds. First guy flips his pocket queens over and I breathe a huge sigh. Thought he might have aces. I have him dominated. What happend next is an ace on the turn which at the time seemed insignificant but when the river turned a 4 it meant that that ace gave us a chopped pot. Probably the wierdest hand that I have ever played live.See lots of weird stuff playing on the internet. Quad 4s but it was not to my benefit but the villain was happy saved him 120.00 and he made a bit with the chop. Sure got the table talking. Strange way to end the evening.

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