Monday, March 30, 2009

Top Pros and Deep Fields

I was reading Daniel Negreanu's blog this morning and he mentioned how he had gone down to the Bellagio and played a 400-800 mixed game there. He ended up winning like $30,000. I can't imagine playing for that kind of money. I don't think most people can. You notice a lot of the top pros playing incredibly high stakes cash games now.

What you don't see is a lot of the top pros getting through the deep fields in high level tournaments. You look at the final table of this years WSOP main event and basically most were unknowns with the exception of maybe Chino Rheem and Ivan Demidov and even they weren't well known. The incredibly deep fields makes it a very difficult process to get through. Plus the quality of the fields has increased dramatically. People can play every day online and for hours. When you play that often and that many hands your skill level will increase. In past years you saw winners like Johnny Chan win in consecutive years. I don't for see that ever happening again in the Main event at WSOP.

Poker is one sport/game that the average person can actually play at a world Championship if they buy in or win a satelite. I think that's what has made poker appeal so much to the masses. I know for myself it would be a dream to play in the Main Event and hopefully I will get the chance someday.

I was still feeling pretty crappy yesterday so I played a couple freerolls at Fulltilt and managed in the first to finish 242nd or something out of 2700. Not great but okay. Should have done much better but overplayed my AJ against AK and when I hit my J on the flop thought I was safe but the K on the turn killed me. In the Canada freeroll at night I was basically card dead and didn't even make the top 1000.

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