Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Handouts from Goverment

Even though it wasn't my tax dollars that AIG got from American tax payers I am totally shocked that even if they say they were contractually obligated to do so they gave out 100 million in bonuses. What a croc. How can these people take this money?? Very sad indeed.

I have never been to Mexico (other than Tijuana) and don't plan on going anytime soon. With all the corruption in their police force,drug gang warfare, and crappy hygenic standards the country has never appealed to me. Great people but the country needs cleaning up. Then what they did at that international poker tournament was just wrong. Personally I know my friends and family won't be going there anytime soon. Even our federal government has issued a warning to be carefull if you have to go there.

Played 4 SNG at Full Tilt and won 2 of them. Nothing remarkeable but just keeping up the game to my home league gets going again next week.

Booked a Vegas trip yesterday. Will be heading there in September for a week of poker and fun. Can't wait . Went twice last year and had such a great time. Counting the weeks already

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