Sunday, March 22, 2009

Customer Service (not a lot of poker content)

I was out shopping on Friday night and went into several stores with my wife who was looking for a dress to wear to a wedding. So we went into 7 stores in 2 shopping centres or plazas where we live. Most of the stores were almost empty. The amazing thing was that in only 2 stores did a sales clerk even greet us. In fact it was in the last store (which had a going out of business sale) that clerk actually asked if she could help us. I was stunned as she was the first. I thanked her for asking and she seemed surprised. I relayed to her what had transpired over the evening and she said well it only makes sense to greet and ask people if the help. No kidding. Its funny because in the other stores clerks were either looking at flyer's, their cellphones or just rearranging stock. Now I am the type that likes to browse on my own and so does my wife but we also like to be acknowledged. I can't understand store managers and owners who don't instruct staff to greet customers. They don't have to hound them but just make them feel welcome with a smile and a greeting and an offer of help if they need it.

Poker is not my only love. I am also a runner who over the years has ran 12 marathons and probably close to 40 half marathons. While I don't race now I still love to go out in the morning for a run. Its so mind clearing and a great for stress relief. In fact if I know I am going to be playing poker in casino or in a tournament later that day I always run that morning as I find I think clearer and I have a much better frame of mind. I use to run 6 times a week with mileage of anywhere from 40km to 100 km per week depending on what I was training for. Now I run for fitness and just for the joy of it. Hopefully I will always be able to do that. Even when I travel to places like Las Vegas or Where ever I take my running shoes with me and try to get a run in.

I see Treasure Island in Vegas has been sold . It was part of the MGM/Mirage chain but now has been bought privately. Its always been a great hotel. Its poker room has always rated well with a lot of poker regulars. I know the site has many great ratings about it. That's one site I read just about everyday as there are always lots of great trip reports, room reviews etc on it. I have never played at TI but hope to on my next Vegas trip in September.

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