Sunday, March 8, 2009

Heads up Poker

Well it looks like Vanessa Rousso knocked off Daniel Negraneau in the quarter finals. This should be good for NBC ratings for this when its televised as Vanessa looks good on tv and is a great player. Hopefully she makes it to the final. Would be nice to see her and Huck Seed go head to head. Saw Vanessa on Poker after Dark and was impressed with her play. The semis and finals are later today.
I can't seem to shake this cold I have got. So sitting home today drinking tons of water. Hopefully be better next weekend. Went out to dinner last night at Moxies and had some yummy yam fries for an appetiser and had a burger for dinner with fries which was just okay. What is with restaurants and pubs serving frozen fries? Fresh taste so much better.

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