Friday, March 6, 2009

Poker stuff

So I see they have the match ups set for the NBC heads up poker championship. Should be a lot of interesting match ups with one of the first round being Chris Moneymaker and Daniel Negraneau. Its a television friendly event and I look forward to it on NBC. To get the full list of 64 players most of whom are pros go to NBC heads up poker.

I read a lot of other poker blogs but one of my favourite is the Poker Grump. It actually was reading his blog which got me started on mine. Now his is mostly poker while mine will be some poker and some observations on life. Hopefully a good blend.

In the market for a laptop. I figure the amount of time I spend in coffee shops I may as well be on the Internet, answering emails or playing online poker. Checked out Future Shop and Staples. Very similar prices. Just looking for a middle of the road one as long as it has a built in web cam as I do a lot of video emails. Probably looking at a Toshiba but still haven't decided. Haven't played a live poker all week.

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