Saturday, March 7, 2009

New laptop

Well I finally decided to get my new laptop. I figured with the economy tanking I should spend some money. Really happy with it.Got a Toshiba. One of the first things I did was download full tilt poker so I can play when I am drinking my coffee at Starbucks or wherever. Played a couple tourneys already and finished 3rd in one and the other was a matrix which was a first for me. Really enjoyed it though as you play the same 8 other people in 4 tournaments. Makes for quick thinking and acting.
Finally phoned about that old guy who shouldn't be driving and basically got told that I had to come in and fill out a report and maybe something might be done. Yea right. Well hopefully some family member of his gets the idea that he is too old.
Another shooting in Vancouver last night. The sale of flak jackets must be on the rise

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