Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poker Boom

In the last 10 years there has been an incredible increase of poker players and poker rooms in casinos around the world. Now some are wondering whether the bubble has burst? Sure there are still dozens of online poker rooms and the major tournaments like the WSOP will always be popular but some are saying the interest has peaked. My thought on this is all things go in a cycle and I certainly haven't noticed a decrease in interest. In fact if anything with the ease of learning holdem more and more people are enjoying the game. You can turn on your computer and play 24 hours a day. I personally love the game of poker and hope that I can continue to play as long as my mind is alert. I only play for money in casinos but use the online rooms to sharpen my game. Many people have asked why I don't play online for money. Simple really,I enjoy the human aspect of poker, being able to interact with my fellow players and if I am putting money at risk I want to see the cards dealt and the chips in front of me. I want to feel the table vibe. I love playing live.

On a different topic. What a day yesterday. A gunman in Germany goes nuts and shoots students and down in The U. S. another gunman shoots several people. Both gunman fortunately took their own lives in the end but the senseless deaths of others is just mind boggling. Its a strange world we live in. Very sad.