Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday T (no poker content)

As I am getting ready to play The Mookie I am writing this.

You see It's T's birthday today. She is Two. I have never met T although I do have a couple pictures. T also has an older sister named T who is soon going to be 9 and a wonderful kid. I talk to the older T all the time and her pic is my screen saver on this laptop. I hope someday that she will meet her sister. I also hope someday she will meet me and her grandmother and her two uncles my sons. T is now living with her mom. Her name is C. C is my daughter. If this makes no sense to you you need to read this post here . I had hopes for awhile that C was coming around . We were talking and she sounded better but she seems to have slipped back. I really hope she is taking good care of you T. I know her other daughter T really misses her mom. We all do. I hope someday you will read this T. So happy birthday T.


  1. Happy Birthday're a lucky don't know this yet but you have a special grandfather.

    Lovely post Coop.

  2. Thanks Josie. I keep hoping that somehow, someway my daughter will get better.

  3. Happy Birthday T. from Memphis, Tennessee, in the USA.

  4. Coop, I can't even imagine the burden you must shoulder. I will keep T, and C, and you, in my thoughts.

    You're a brave man not only for writing about this, but also keeping your head up under such circumstances.

  5. @ Memphis.

    Thanks for the kind words. You are a great guy.

  6. @ Gary

    Thanks man. I have to have hope that C will realize what she is doing to herself and get better.


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