Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just Bubbling

What a great tournament last night. We had 16 players at 2 tables. Starting stacks of 3000 which I love. Gives you more play and I tend to do better in deeper stack events. The usual online ones you get 1500 and that's not my style. The only regret was that Josie was NOT at my table.

I started off well won a few pots. I noticed our table was a lot less aggressive than the other as I was watching both (mainly watching Josie). We had Poker Grump at our table. I have read his blog for at least a couple years and love his writing style so it was fun playing with him. I did manage to knock him out when I had AK on K high flop with two hearts. He had AJh and had lots of outs but the hearts didn't come. I did manage 4 bounties last night with 3 of them I had the best hand going in. The fourth was against Lucki Duck and I had Q,10clubs and he had KJ if I remember right and my Queen hit. Sorry about that Duck.

Memphis Mojo had the worst beat of the night when his Kings got taken out by Queens after a Queen flopped on the very first hand. Too bad as I was looking forward to playing with him. Hopefully another time.

I did have the chip lead for quite awhile but with Josie promising food to Lightning36 he soon took over and ended up winning the whole thing. There are 2 things that will motivate guys and food is one of them. We all know what the other is. I was doomed as soon as Josie made that offer. They did a chop at the end but Lightning had a huge stack and congrats on your win. I was the Bubble Boy.

As you know Josie had A side bet with me who would last longer. I tried to tell her us OLD GUYS don't play much but we do have great staying power (of course I am talking poker here).

All in all it was a great night and it was a pleasure to play with everyone. Thanks again Josie for hosting this event. I can't wait for the next one and of course Josie's side bet. What will she think of????


  1. I see...hyperlinks to The Grump (ass kisser!) and mojo (old guy camaraderie!) but no love for Very Josie - I get it, I didn't win the hyperlink.

    Next side bet will hurt a little more, to be sure. Wish I got to play with you, mojo and the grump (see I can kiss ass too!)

  2. Great to play with you last night. I had seen you post on Mojo's blog before, I think, but I don't remember playing against you.

    Thanks for the congrats. Give a donkey a few cards and good things might happen. : o )

    btw -- we "mature" players need to stick together!

  3. Congrats on fourth place, even if it was a bubble. Good job.

  4. No worries DB (actually it AK). I hope to see you again on the felt. Enjoy your posts, keep 'em coming!


  5. @Josie

    Ha ha. I wondered if you would notice the lack of hyperlink.. I wish we were at the same table I really wanted to take your bounty... Ha Ha

  6. @ Lightning36

    It was great playing you too. I agree we have to stick together as Josie will be nipping at our heels.

  7. @ Memphis

    Thanks Memphis it was fun tournament.

  8. @ Lucki Duck

    It was AK was it. Couldn't quite remember. I just remembered I was the dog going in. Hopefully we get to play again against each other. I enjoyed it.

  9. No, Coop, I won't be aiming for your heels. :)

  10. You can't have my chips Josie. I don't Share well.

  11. Oh and a side note I thought Josie promised food to Lightning, heck she must have promised him something the way he caught on fire, but it was Go Burn that she promised some creaton to. Geez I was doomed.


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