Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Good and the Bad

Lets start with the Bad

I played terrible last night in the Mookie. I started off okay second hand in I got JJ and with just the small blind completing I bumped it 90. Gotta win something.She called. I think it was Mrsalcanthang. The flop was Kd 9h 7s. The Mrs bet 180. I raised to 360 hoping she would go away and she did. Really didn't like that King.

After that I just basically maintained around starting chip level. I went up a bit and down. The last hand was a disaster. I had A6 in the SB and decided to raise the BB. He reraised me and I stubbornly reaised him. Then he put me all in. Of course like an idiot I called. He had A 9. Yep almost as bad as mine. I just checked the hand history and he rivered a straight it seems which I didn't earlier recall. I was too miffed at my stupidity. Oh well still fun to play. I was 74th out of 119. I see Waffles and Schaubs both did better than myself.

I also played 4 other tournaments online yesterday and really sucked in those too. No where near cashing... The one good thing is I did have pocket Aces and they won a hand post flop.

The Good

My Canucks won last night. What great back and forth game. It almost made losing at poker not so bad.. Game 5 is Friday I think back in Vancouver.

I see GM has repaid its loans to the U.S and Canadian governments. That is really good news. I really thought when we loaned them the billions that it was money gone. That we would never see it again. Looks like they are back on their feet. I own a GM vehicle and love it. I would get another anytime.

I managed to outlast a certain other (Josie) definately female blogger. I was watching her table while playing my own and look like she went out on an open ended straight draw that missed and someone had pocket kings and hit a King on the board too. She kindly transferred 5.00 American dollars to me. Thank you Josie


  1. She had an OESD w/ a Flush Draw. Still she donked out before both of us. :P.

  2. DB - wasn't watching her table, but did see the results; you KICKED HER A$$!!!

  3. @Josie

    I almost felt bad about taking your money after how I played. You notice I said almost.

  4. @ Waffles

    I was worried about her last night too. Tring to keep an eye on her, my table and my Canucks. Congrats on kicking my butt

  5. @the poker Meister

    Where you playing last night?? Yea I managed to hang on longer than her.

  6. Damn I feel the love on every goddamn poker blog these days...Jew Boy 2 seems to pop up like a woody...lolllll speaking of which, Coop, you did keep an eye on me, but NOT cuz you were worried. :P

  7. Have I already mentioned that you give me a hyperlink ON THE VERY LAST WORD OF THE VERY LAST SENTENCE of your post?

    Granted, I should appreciate what I get because you didn't have to, but I think I should be on the FIRST word of the FIRST sentence. Not too demanding, am I? :)

  8. @josie
    i was watching EVERYTHING YOU DID

  9. @Josie
    Ha ha. I was wondering when you would notice. The first sentence costs more


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