Friday, April 30, 2010

Meetings and the NAPT

Well Thursday night I always go and play a live poker game but last night I had a SSM (stupid strata meeting). If you don't know what a strata is (a certain Boston gal didn't). Its basically the owners of a condo who get together and form all the rules of the building and pass a budget. You hire a management company to do all the bookkeeping but you still need an executive. It is a thankless job. You gotta listen to all the moaning and complaining and you don't get paid for it. Anyways I went to the meeting expecting the worst. A couple people had already asked me if I would be on the executive. I was very non committal (in other words no WAY). Anyways to my shock and horror we had 7 people volunteer to do it. I just about fell off my chair. That never happens. Usually you have to beg people to be on strata. Then it's usually the really old people who do it (yes older than me Josie). Last night 4 of the 7 were under 35. One lady in her twenties. Of course this is a brand new building and a new strata. These people have no idea what they are in for. Hopefully everyone will get along and live side by side without complaining. Somehow that's not likely.

I watched the final table of the NAPT at the Venetian yesterday. Was it only me but some of the calls were really bad?? My son and I were watching and my son kept saying? Why is he still in the hand?? Good question? It even almost made Norman Chad speechless (that's not likely). The eventual winner was the deserving winner from the hands I watched. Really nice to see more poker on TV. The latest thing I hear is the NAPT is trying to get a Canadian stop possibly at the River Rock in Richmond which is a suburb of Vancouver and where I have played a few times. That would be great.

Speaking of my son. Now that he has his account back up he has twice played the 90 people 3 buck bounty tournament on Fulltilt and cashed both times. He was 4th and yesterday he won 72 bucks for the victory. He plays under the name tjmax3. If you ever encounter him say hi. I think he could give me some lessons.

I just played once yesterday in a 9 player SNG and cashed in 3rd place. I did get AA again but my min raise couldn't get a call when we were down to 3. Groan. So it doesn't change the current stats.

Hockey forecasts
Detroit in 7
Pittsburgh in 5
Boston in 7
Canucks in.......7

Aces 3/8


  1. Hey Coop.

    Funny how the younger folk (< 40) are eager to jump into "leadership" roles as you described. And us "old guys" just sit back and give each other a knowing nod. Been there, done that!

    BTW, thanks for including me on your blog list.


  2. @lucki Duck

    LOL . Yep exactly Duck. I've done the strata thing a couple times so I am quite willing to let younger folks have a turn. Look forward to playing you again on Wednesday if you are playing the very Josie

  3. Canookies in seven? I have tickets to game five and might not be able to use them. Hawks sweep? Possible ... : o )

  4. Coop baby, Thanks for the link. I for one WILL be playing Very Josie Wednesday night and I want my gosh darn (that's just in case your son reads your blog) $5 back. Side bet???? Tread carefully as Mama's on fire.

    In case he DOESN'T read it....I want my FUCKIN' $5 back. :)

  5. @Lightning 36

    Ha Ha. Yea if the canucks sweep you might not be able to use them

  6. @Josie

    LOL. He doesn't even know I have a blog. You trying to maske a side bet.... HMMM Have to think about it.


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