Saturday, April 24, 2010

Credit cards, Canucks. Poker

First the Canucks. They played incredible last night. They trampled LA Kings 7-2. Game 6 on Sunday. Hopefully they can keep it up.

Credit cards. We all have them or most of us anyways. They are convenient to use. They make buying things easier. No more cash to carry around. Of course they are only good if you pay them off every month. I am one of those people. I have never paid a cent in interest to a credit card company. Never in all my ancient years. In fact my one of my two cards pays me 1.00 for every 100.00 bucks I spend. They actually send me a check at the end of the year. The other gives me points which I can reimburse for gift cards. I think I have related this before. What got me on this subject again was a little experiment I have been doing recently with them.

When after making a purchase you of course sign the slip. Then the clerk checks the signature or NOT. Well I have been signing my name completely different than is on the back of the card. On the card its my whole name and I have been signing just using my first initial and then my last name and even the last name looks nothing like my real signature. Why am I doing this it?? Old age senility?? Actually I just wanted to see if any clerk really looks at the signature. So far not one has asked me for ID. I could be anyone. Now I know the credit cards are changing and some already have a PIN number or your picture on the card but don't you think someone would check signatures?? Some clerks don't even look. Is it because I have a honest face?? So did Ted Bundy. If it was my company or business I sure would. When the first clerk asks me for ID I am going to thank them and if their manager is near by I will stop and give them praise for doing it. I am still waiting for that to happen.

What actually got me thinking about this was my son (the poker playing one) had decided to start playing very low stakes online (with my approval). He entered his bank info on Full Tilt using the Direct Debit option. Well he didn't wait for good old dad to check it and entered the wrong transit number. They still gave him the cash though and away he went playing 2 buck tournaments until about a week later they realized it was the wrong info. They suspended his account and he got emails from FT and the debit company explaining the error. He had to fax them the correct info and is still waiting for his account to be reactivated. You would think that before anybody got real money accounts in poker they would validate everything before letting them play but I guess not. Is there any point to all this?? Not really but in our current credit crisis you think more checks would be in order when people buy things. I guess not....

I was invited to a home poker game last night but with the Canucks on TV later I instead went out for a early dinner ,drank 3 glasses of red wine and came home played 2 online sitngoes (Bubbled 4th in both) while I watched the game.

If I play online I prefer FullTilt over PS but I really hate the Fulltilt Avatars. Come on folks can't you get better avatars or be like that other company called PKR which lets you design your own. You pick hair color, eyes, nose etc. Now that would be really fun. Just think what you could create. With all the money Fulltilt brings in you think they would have improved them.

Aces 1/4


  1. Yeah -- the Canucks need to go forward. I won some nice bets last year when the Hawks beat the Canucks -- including a month of Mookie buy-ins.

  2. @ Lightning36
    That was a great series last year except for game 6 which we fell apart. Love to see a rematch in the next round or conference finals.

  3. Some let you upload your own avatar -- I have MOJO on the ones that will let me do that.

  4. @ Memphis

    Yea that would be awesome too. I know PS lets you load your pic. What other sites do you play on??

  5. Go Canucks! Puck Support! Puck Support! lol Glad they're doing so well.

    Still bubbling, huh?

  6. Coop, let's see you've been the soccer player and the fireman, right? Nothing like a man in uniform, but how about the Clint Eastwood Avatar? I think that's the one for you.

  7. @ Josie

    Yep they are doing good unlike my online bubbling play.

  8. @ Josie

    They have a Clint Eastwood Avatar?? I love Clint

  9. Mostly UB and AP. Occasionally FT and Poker stars.

  10. You can disable avtars. Done and done.

  11. @Schaubs

    Yea I figured that out but was hoping Fulltilt would create better ones


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