Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You Gotta Love Poker

I played last night in my league poker. Just over 50 players came out. My night was over rather early but not without fireworks.

Just over two orbits in I got dealt pocket 4's one off the button. One limper to me I decided to limp hoping for trips. The button min raised. The Sb and the BB folded. The limper folded. I decided to call knowing the player to my left and it being early on. We had gone heads up in our main tournament two seasons ago and she came out the winner (she won a 1200.00 travel voucher) and I came second (500.00 gift certificate to an electronics store). I know how she plays so seeing a flop early with a small pocket might be a good move. The flop comes JJ4. Gee I look smart now ... Ha Ha. Nice Flop. I check knowing she will bet if she has anything or a pair. She made a pretty big bet about 3/4 of my chips. I immediately put her on AA, KK or QQ. She likes to min raise preflop with them and she wouldn't have bet after the flop if she had JJ. I shoved and she called. I flip over my flopped full house and she flops over pocket Kings. I mentally start stacking her chips and then the turn kills me. No she didn't get her King but she did get another Jack. So now she has a full house of JJJKK which destroys my JJJ44. The river doesn't give me the case 4 and I am out...

You gotta love Poker.


  1. Ouch! Nothing you can do about that - I thought you were going to say she turned over fishhooks and made quads.

    Rearrange your schedule and play with ME tonight! I'll be easy picking's as I'll be trashed before long.

  2. @Memphis

    Yea I was saying no king no king not realizing I should have been saying no king or jack!!!

  3. @Josie

    Yea a big ouch. Tonight??? I thought it was tomorrow night???

  4. Tomorrow night's the TOURNAMENT - Who said I was talking about the tournament, OLD MAN! (jk)

  5. Wow -- it really stings when you played it perfectly and still got screwed. These are the kind of beats that boil my blood. Moral victory for you -- however much that is worth. lol

  6. @Josie

    I am speechless..........................

  7. @lightning36

    All I could do was smile and shake my head. Poker is never dull


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