Friday, April 16, 2010

Odds and Ends

Hopefully I will get a chance to play some of the upcoming blogger tournaments so I posted the picture that is necessary to play above. Go here for details. I have never played the Mookie but might give it a shot next Wednesday as I hear some other lady blogger wants another shot at Coop's money. I don't part with my money easy so she's in for a fight.

I finally learned how to play Chinese Poker yesterday. What a great game. I love it. We were playing it last night for awhile before my regular game got under way and it was a blast. Love to play for money. Lots of strategy involved although I just have the basics down. Too bad there wasn't a site to play it online as I could see some more Josie money coming my way. Oh and my regular game sucked last night. Got knocked out by someone drawing to an inside straight when I had top two pair and he got it. The good thing about it was I got to go home early and watch my Canucks win game 1 against the LA Kings.

Yesterday I went in to sign this petition against a tax they are bringing in here in B.C. called the HST (harmonized sales tax). Anyways there was a T.V. crew in there when I was signing the petition and then they left. So I sign and as I am leaving the store they have the cameras blasting away and they ask if they can interview me for our local channel. I said sure. The reason I said sure was the reporter was exceptionally HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Hell I would have done anything she asked. Anyways she did her little interview with me and said it would probably be on the evening news cast. So I managed to catch a bit of the news but I didn't see myself on there. Oh well probably a good thing as my phone would have been ringing all night with friends calling.

That's what happened 14 years ago when by chance I happened to be the only one in the ER (long story) on Good Friday in Vernon, B.C. when they started bringing in the shooting victims of the second worse mass murder in Canadian history. This was terribly named the Vernon massacre. 10 members of a the Gakhal family were killed on a day when they were supposed to be celebrating a wedding. The estranged husband of one of the family killed the 10 people and then killed himself. Being in the ER that day as people were getting rushed in was something I will never forget seeing the gunshot wounds. Anyways being the only one there the T.V people wanted to interview me of course. That interview was picked up by CNN and other networks and broadcast around the world. I had friends and co workers tell me of relatives who saw it in many countries. I just wish it was for something a lot happier that I was on. So yesterday when a pretty lady stuck a mic in my face I flashed back to that day 14 years ago...


  1. I agree Canucks all the way, but I can't say that on my blog... LOL

    Chek news?

  2. Yea go Canucks Go. Yea it was Chek News. I have never seen this Reporter before but she was really cute.

  3. Okay Mister, we're definitely having a mookie side bet....and I know what it is. I'll give you a hint, it'll leave you Speechless........


  4. I'm going to play in a few of these tournaments, too. Might be fun.

  5. @ Josie

    Okay What's the side bet?? This curious mind wants to know

  6. @Memphis

    Yea They sound fun and hey always a chanjce to win a free WSOP seat. Not a bad deal

  7. The bet is $5 to who lasts longer. That's the minimum full tilt lets players transfer. And when I win it I'll be up by $3. Easy Peasy.

    No chatting. No wine.

    And I'll have some Coop money!


  8. And..............You get to pick the NEXT side bet, once I'm up $3.

  9. No chatting from you?? Impossible.... Ha Ha. Okay as long as I play the Mookie on Wednesday the bet is on. Since I won the first bet and then took your bounty in the second you sure you want to part with your cash??

  10. "Since I won the first bet and then took your bounty in the second you sure you want to part with your cash??"

    Oh am I going to make you pay for that sentence.


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