Sunday, May 30, 2010

Suckouts, Soup Nazi and Sex

Do you ever feel like you are mostly on the wrong side of suckouts. I do. They happen to me way more often than I do it to other players. It can get frustrating at times but that's poker I guess. So yesterday was a pleasant surprise. You see I sucked out twice playing cash games online. It sure felt nice for a change.

The first hand I was UTG +1 when I got dealt QQ. This was pretty tight table. A lot of folding preflop and usually a lot of hands were decided preflop. Anyways UTG raises 4 times the BB. HMMM. I just decide to call. Usually here I might pump it up more but this was a tight table (or so I thought) and there was still 7 players to act. 4 more players call. I am not liking this. Way too much action. Anyways the flop comes 3,9,10. The BB and UTG check. I make a pot size bet to see where I am at. Two folds and the button (lady) goes all in for just over my pot sized bet. I think she had like just 5 bucks. The BB and UTG both fold. Its only like a 1.40 or something for me to call. Not really liking it as she has been real tight I decide of course to call. She has 33 and has trips. Yuck. The turn brings a J and the river a very lovely K to make my straight. Very nice pot. I actually felt bad for her knowing what it feels like to get sucked out on like that.

The second time it happened was later at night and I felt great doing it. There was a player who had no idea how to play after the flop. His one move was just shoving just about every time he was in a hand after the flop. Of course most times he was picking up the pot as he had everybody covered by twice as much in cash. I hate those types. You see them in the tournaments too. They just close their beady little eyes and shove every time they are in a hand and hope that they scare people away. He was also raising just about every pot too. Anyways I was in the BB and he was on my immediate left. I got dealt AKc. He was first to act and sure enough he bumps it 3X the BB. Everybody folds to me. I triple his raise. Of course he immediately shoves his remaining $32.00 as he has been doing for the last hour. Figuring he has got nothing I call for my measly 12.00. He has KK. Damn. Then the flop brings my lovely ACE and I scoop a nice pot. It was sweet. Then of course he goes off on me in the chat box about calling with AK. It was pretty funny. I just said serves you right for constantly playing like that. Then I did the best thing to even piss him off more I left the room after the next hand...... You gotta love it.

My favourite sitcom has always been Seinfeld. I know I have seen every episode and most several times. Anyways of course everyone who has seen the show remembers the famous episode where they are in a restaurant run by as grumpy old soup maker who if you don't follow the rules declares NO SOUP FOR YOU and you don't get to eat. Well the actor that played that part was in Vancouver on the weekend for a food show (figures) and was on one of our local radio stations talking about it. He has a quite a story about how he got that part and how years later that's what people remember him for. He was a Broadway actor but now makes his living now mostly from doing things like guest appearances at shows and trade shows and still gets requests for pictures and autographs from Seinfeld fans and all for just that one appearance on the show. He even sells autographed soup ladles. The actors name is Larry Thomas.

So we went and saw Sex and the City 2 at the matinee yesterday. It was really packed in there and it was playing at two theatres in the multiplex. Its actually a fairly long movie at around 2 hours and 20 minutes. I enjoyed it. Yes I know its a chick flick but it kept my little mind entertained for all 2 hours and 20 minutes. That's all I expect from a movie. I won't go into the plot a lot here but if you watched the show and saw the first movie this one is set two years later. It's funny and light entertainment. I probably see around 20 movies a year at the theatre and yes some are so called chick flicks. I have never been a huge fan of the movies like Avatar. I haven't seen it and probably never will. Totally lost on me.


Aces 21/29


  1. Yeah Coop, I've never seen Avatar, Harry Potter or any movies like that. Not my cup of tea.

    Why didn't you chat with my when you were playing that cash game? I kept saying hi to you! Were you ignoring me?!?!

  2. Don't know why I even bother with this blog with all that chick stuff on it. Might as well link it to Cosmo and Seventeen.

    Anyway, that you feel you are on the wrong side of suckouts is usually a good sign. It means you don't have as many opportunities to suckout which usually means you aren't chasing those gutterballs and 9 hi flush draws. Of course it could also mean you have a lousy sense of perception and are only remembering the times you get sucked out on and not the times you do it. With your choice of tv shows and movies the latter could possibly apply.

  3. @ Josie

    I never saw you in chat. Were you there?? Or was that all just a dream??

  4. @ Wolfshead

    You always make me laugh with your comments. Too funny. Yep I might be losing it with my lousy choice of movies and TV. If I ever had it to lose.

  5. Well you do make me wonder if you still stand up to take a whizz.

  6. They just close their beady little eyes and shove every time


  7. Might I suggest a small tweak in getting back at guys like the one you sucked out on? Before you leave the table, say "I'd give you and the others a chance to win this money off me, but I'm leaving because of you." That way he'll catch crap from everyone else at the table since he chased away money.


  8. @ Lightning

    Great advice. I will try it next time.

  9. @Wolfie - LMFAO - funny frigging comments!

  10. @ Wolynski

    Yea I have no desire to see it.

  11. So you will watch some daffy broads sit around talking about who they dicked last but some sexy blue chick with a smokkin' body is out. Ghey!

  12. @ Waffles

    LOL. Yep I admit it............ LOL


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