Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GRRRRRR and Old People

I just finished playing a few dozen hands of 5/10 on Fulltilt. Not my usual game as I mostly play tournaments or SNGs but I do like variety (in poker). Well in other things too but I save them for dreamland.

Okay so I bought into this game for a whopping 8 bucks. I get dealt QQ in the BB. I have yes 4 limpers to my BB. I raise it to 95. Remember blinds are 5/10. Well that scares away 1 guy. Anyways the flop comes J 8 4. I bet $2.50. UTG goes all in for $2.05. The other two fold. The cards flip up and he has Q 10. I go what?? What is he calling on?? A gutshot. No flush draw. Nothing. Turn is a K. River is of course a 9 to give numbnuts from Germany or whatever his name is a straight. So I politely type in the chat box how could you call that. Never mind his donkey call preflop but after the flop. Know what he said. I was hoping?? Yes he was hoping. I hate to bring up the grassy knoll theory but this happens way too often online. Is there that many stupid players who hope or is it possible they have some program to forecast what is coming.. Yea Yea I know sounds ridiculous doesn't it. Just makes you wonder sometimes. Almost made me want to pull out my hair except there is none left to pull. Oh yea this guys avatar was the stupid donkey........ GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

I almost feel better typing that.

I watched the end of the NBC Headsup yesterday that was filmed a couple months back at Caesars. The one really noticeable thing about the final 4. They were all OLD. Well Annie isn't super old but shes 44 I think which is old enough. Nice to see the OLD people prevail once in awhile. You watch all these final tables lately and the average age is usually in their twenties.

I also saw in another blog that Mike Matusow has a bet that if 3 women win bracelets at this years WSOP he will run naked down the Strip. That might not be a pretty site. As there is a ladies only event I think that doesn't count in the 3. Should make for an interesting June and July. Theres lots of poker players that I would like to see run naked down the strip but none of them are male.


Aces 18/26


  1. Nice to see the OLD people prevail once in awhile.

    Y-E-S! Geezer power.

  2. If Mike Matusow promised to shank himself on TV, I'd make a bigger effort to win a bracelet. But Matusow streaking? Yuck! Here's my Streakers Wish List.

    1.) Gus Hansen
    2.) Patrick Antonius
    3.) Lane Flack
    4.) Joe Hachem (be still my beating heart)

  3. @ Memphis

    Yep you got to love it

  4. @ Josie

    Those aren't my top 4 thats for sure!!!

  5. Coop-

    Those players aren't OLD... they're experienced!

  6. @ Lucki Duck

    I like that. They are experienced. Tell Josie that..... Ha Ha

  7. I have been playing a lot of Heads Up and you have to wonder sometimes. I do quite a bit of 9 player SnG as well and to watch what some of these people turn over at the river is amazing. I keep telling myself that I just have to make sure I have the best hand going in and whatever happens will happen.

  8. Obviously the .05/.10 game isn't your usual if those calls surprised you. A lot of these guys will make those calls when talking dollars in live play so they think nothing of doing it online when you are talking cents

  9. @ Steve

    Yep thats all you can do Steve is try to get it in with the best hand.

  10. @ Wolfshead

    Yep you are right Wolf it isn't my usual game. I guess I shouldn't be shocked.


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