Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random Wednesday Thoughts

Some Random Thoughts

1. The guy that won our main local poker tournament on Sunday finished in 91st spot during our regular season and only started with 3500 in chips (the minimum). Where as the top 5 players started with 10000. Interesting isn't it? Oh and this continues the trend of nobody in the top 5 every winning. The lady that finished second was way down in about 45th or so. Chips are good but you still need to get some card luck and play well. I started with 7500.

2. Is it just me or is anybody else really tired of watching the rich teams in baseball like the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers and Mets buy their teams. I am sorry but baseball needs a salary cap. I am sure the fans of some of these teams don't think so but really is that rewarding to watch your team buy itself a World Series. Are you listening Red Sox fans?? All other sports have salary caps and it's time baseball did the same. Look at the parity in the NFL now and the NHL. I personally find it sickening to watch the money thrown around to ball players. Teams should be building threw the draft and trades and not who has the most money to hand out. I played ball from the time I was 6 until just 3 years ago. Yet this year I have not sat down and watched one game. I love baseball but what's the use. Very discouraging to see teams that haven't the loot finish way down in the standings year after year.

3. 4 weeks today I will be leaving for Vegas. Even though I have been several times I still get excited like a little kid about going. This year of course there is even more excitement as I am going to play a WSOP event. There also is a lot of great other tournaments going on there as I see from BWOP's blog (one of my favourites) Binions is running there own series. I have never stayed downtown but plan to one of these days.

4. Aces just keep winning for me as you notice from my recent updates.


Aces 15/23


  1. As a Sox fan I am not "tired" of seeing my team buy a team. Especially since the Yankees spend 3x as much as us buying their rings. I mean i like watching my team win.

    However I do agree with you that a cap would be good for baseball or some method to stop teams from spending so much. There is a "luxury" tax on spending too much but teams like the Yankees and the Sox do not care if they get fined and extra few million.

  2. George Steinbrenner buys world series teams with his big bucks. The red sox DO NOT. The sox have paid out just a fraction of what the yankees do on salaries. A FRACTION!

    Oh and YOU'RE OLD. :)

  3. @ SirWALgMan

    You are right The Sox and Yankees don't care about baseball in general they only care about winning and so what if they have to spend a few million extra in luxury tax. Is that good for baseball?? Nope.

  4. @ Josie

    My dear Josie before you get your panties in a bunch (I assume you are wearing some) The Sox do NOT spend as much as the Yankees but they are just as guilty. They spend way too much. Take a realistic look for once at baseball and stop fixating just on the Yankees. Yes the Yankees are the WORST but the SOX are nearly as bad. That's not in baseballs gest interests

    Oh and thanks for the compliment........ Ha Ha

  5. What do you know? You're Canadian for pete's sake. (Coop, that ISN'T a compliment)


  6. @ Josie

    Who's this Pete guy?? Figures a chick from Boston would have blinkers on regarding baseball. That isn't a compliment either. LOL

  7. I would recommend *against* staying downtown. With all of the great deals on The Strip, it really doesn't make sense. Besides Binion's (which no longer has a hotel) and Golden Nugget, there isn't much going on poker-wise or to see other than maybe the LED light show Freemont Street Experience thingy. That can all be accomplished during a quick jaunt. Downtown is super sketchy at night.

  8. @ BWOP

    Thanks I will take your advice. Yea I have been down there a few times but just for a couple hours and I didn't play poker just wandered around. My hotel this time is so cheap on the strip

  9. Problem with a cap however is shown by a team like the Phils. They've built threw the draft with a few judicious trades here and there and actually say they have a self imposed cap yet they may have to break it to just keep their current roster. The Lords of Baseball allowed the union to get so strong they are never going to agree to it any way and anything done to hold down salaries so some teams can compete is either going to be met with charges of collussion by the union or busted all the hell by the Steinbrenners.

  10. @ wolf

    Yea I don't think anything will be coming soon in the way of a salary cap. Really too bad

  11. I agree that Downtown is not a good place to stay, especially with all the deals on the Strip.
    You still get excited over Vegas?

  12. @ Wolynski

    Yea the strip is sure offering deals as I get new ones all the time. Yes I still get excited and love Vegas. I know you live there but to us who only visit twice a year its still exciting


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