Monday, May 31, 2010


On the weekend I was following some of the action from the WSOP. The main event still going on is the 50,000 Players Challenge which had lots of notable names. While that was interesting my interest was more on Event 3 the first of the 1000 dollar buy in events. The reason that this event captured my interest is that it has the same structure as Event 34 the event I will be playing starting on June 18th. The structure is you get 3000 chips (yep not many) and blind levels start at 25/25 and go up every hour. I wanted to see how fast people were getting felted and it was unbelievable. They split event 3 into Day 1A and 1B. Day 1A had about 2700 entries while day 1B had just over 1600 for a total of 4345. Guess how many survived?? Just 481. That is crazy. There was just over 200 from both days. So 3864 players did not make it through a Day 1. That's about a 85% attrition rate. That's got me concerned. I play much better with bigger starting stacks usually so I definitely will have to make some adjustments when I get there. Now being a seniors tourney action will probably be a lot tighter than the open events as the OLD NITS tend to play like that. If anybody has some suggestions or has played one of these events with this structure I would love to hear their advice.

I played online on the weekend several times mostly in cash games and in all but one session ended up making a profit. The only SNG that I played I managed to win so generally it was a great couple days. The one negative thing that happened was my amazing win streak with Aces finally came to an end.

If I remember right I was in EP and I raised it up about 4.5 X the BB. Got 1 caller. Flop comes J 10 8. I made a just over a pot sized bet. He insta called. I didn't like that quick call. Turn was a 2 I think. Now I was going to bet again but I just had this feeling he had hit trips so I checked. River was a 7. Now that's not a great card. I checked. He made a small bet which smelt like I was beat but I called. He had pocket 9s. The river gave him his straight. Now I might have gotten him off that hand if I had bet on the turn but then again I might just have lost more. Who knows?

Heading out tonight to play live as the regular Monday game is back running. Be nice to get some live action.


Aces 20/29


  1. "If anybody has some suggestions or has played one of these events with this structure I would love to hear their advice."

    Wear a lowcut top and laugh at your tablemate's jokes. It works like a charm. ;)

  2. @ Josie

    LOL. Unfortunately my boys aren't as big as your girls!!!

  3. LOLLLLLLLLLLLL Ummmmmm I got nothing.

  4. DB I think you're right that the seniors will play a bit tighter. Will there be multiple flights in that event? The first flight of event 3 lost almost 90% of the players. The WSOP has decided to stop flights anytime they lose 85% in a day now.

    Good luck in your event, I hope to be reading about your win in Poker News online. Make sure you tell them how Josie's "encouragement" led to your victory.

  5. Play was tight at my table last year. I got some good cards early but had trouble getting any action. One really bad player was at the table and the rest were okay. One guy went out 15 minutes in set over set, Ugly.

    Just play your game, coop.

  6. @ Neophyte

    Thanks for the encouragement. Last year they had 2700 and they all started on the same day. That's what they are predicting this year too.

  7. @ lightning

    Thanks. All I can hope for is to make good decisions and if I do that I will be happy.


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